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AC Milan
4 : 0
  • Game Played on 15th February, 2012
  • Kick Off at 19:45 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 4:0
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  • AC Milan
    • Arsenal
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      AC Milan vs Arsenal
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      Wow, what a disappointing match from Arsenal! Especially was arteta really lost in this match. Arsenal needs someone to replace arteta!
      Arsene Wenger
      I'm so sorry to all arsenal fans, we were not in our form, Milan tonight was intimidating you can see i wet my pants when i was hiding in the coaches area and i was also constipated as you can see the expression on my face, i was afraid my players wont get into a fight with zlatan because he kicked my ass 2 years ago, he knows kickboxing, i will hide in the bathroom after i finish incase he finds me, by the way i will still insist in my youth plan and wont spend a dime in the next transfer window
      apparently arsenal went to san siro 4 nothing in the end
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      [Barcelona, Spain]
      [Real Madrid, Portugal]
      ha you suck arsenal;
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      gay s.hit
      [Chelsea, Denmark]
      Great goal by Boateng but sad for Arsenal they didn't made.
      keav deadman
      [manchester united]
      AC4LIFE..............basel did beat bayern munich.....use your useless brain often........@her slawe........i agree milan did beat united in 2007.......but i dont agree that united never beat milan at that time......did u see the first leg of that semi final?????........united beat them 3-2 at old trafford....goals from heinze and rooney..
      Cade Artist
      [Manchester United]
      Btw I think Boateng's goal was a BANGER!! :O
      Cade Artist
      [Manchester United]
      Come on guys what's up with the negative comments ._. It probably is unlikely that Arsenal will come back from behind... but Arsenal can still manage to turn this around if they work hard enough not to concede any goals in the 2nd leg. Last time RVP hardly had a touch of the ball and that is definetely their first priority in the 2nd leg. Keep it up Arsenal you can still do this!
      damn sczecny,,,useless gunners,,,no use calling themselves gunners if they're firing blanks,,,,zzzzzzz
      [Bayern Munich, Germany]
      Assenal make Englisch futebol look like highskul futebol with their young goonz.
      everything is over!!!
      A.Wengerm, now everything is over
      [Real Madrid, Brazil]
      Q: What is the difference between Arsenal and a cup of tea? A: The tea stays in the cup longer.
      • +1
      oh please, atleast we dont blaim the referes when we lose against barcelona... go back to la liga and win against barcelona if you can
      • -3
      [Real madrid, Portugal]
      We're 10 points ahead of Barcelona and there's no need to "beat Barcelona" to win la liga, it'll be awesome to beat them but we don't need to..
      • +3
      its cuz you cant loool hes already making excusses
      • +1
      [Real Madrid,Portugal]
      i thought u blamed the ref when u got RVP sent off last year?
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      [Arsenal, England]
      cos real cant beat barcelona thats why u make stupid excuses.
      [Ac milan]
      forza milan my clun yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
      [Valencia, Sweden]
      I my opinion the EPL is not the best league in the world.. Bundesliga or La Liga is...
      • -1
      [man u]
      epl is the best... serie a is better than the la liga (two horse race) and bundesliga (lol)
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      [Inter Milan, Italy]
      Grazie Serie A de Calcio iis best Laliga is boring since is Barca and Real win title without sweating whole season,EPl is 2nd best for me then Bundesliga,atleast title holder change Laliga mhhhhhh,Barca
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      [Inter Milan, Italy]
      i AM NERAZZURRI but good Play from Milan,good represent Italian football,SeriE A greatest league in world dominate the Englisch FORZA DEL LIGA CALCIO,FORZA L'TALIA.
      [AC Milan, Brazil]
      It is funny when Henry tried to hide in the goal This is not the MLS bro.
      [AC Milan, Brazil]
      FORZA MILAN!!!!
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