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Real Madrid
  • Game Played on 26th October, 2013
  • Kick Off at 16:00 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 2:1
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  • Barcelona
  • Goals
  • Neymar (19')
  • Sanchez (78')
  • Cards
  • Busquets (8')
  • Adriano (35')
    • Real Madrid
    • Goals
    • Rodriguez (90')
    • Cards
    • Ramos (14')
    • Bale (45')
    • Khedira (59')
    • Marcelo (64')
    • Ronaldo (80')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Barcelona vs Real Madrid
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      • +151
      Ask Spurs for your money back.
      RM STOP COMPLAINING ON EVERY PLAY!!! cesc also was fouled in the box but no one is complaining, Ramos should of been off no one is complaining. Those penalty's were hard decisions. Be happy that we had a great game of football and finished 11 v 11. Football is a contact sport. Not every shove is going to be given. Grow up
      Özil is the best!!
      What a game from the 100 Million euro man Gareth Bale... oh wait!!... did he play? hahaha... Özil is 10 times better...
      All comments
      OMg, Cristina is such a Primmadona... bitching and moaning like a woman....he totally tried faking the penalty, not knowing the ref was right behind him...
      Ahhh.. RM fans remember Elche?
      Dat Post, dat uncalled pentaly, that neymar miss :/ so many factors but it was an even game. Luck is a asset u nabs.
      minute 3.37..barca fan showing 'middle finger' to ronaldo.
      Messi, u are starting to becoming nothing, with Neymar & Alexis FCB doesn't need you any more
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      bin bag
      Ronaldo > messi. Ronnaldo has assist in the match and messi has no assizt or goal so, ronaldo mezzi
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      [JUVES MEN]
      neymar > chimpanzee
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      Racist fukk
      • 0
      @Gunners1886 I'm an Arsenal fan too, but he wasn't being racist. He was making fun of Bale's appearance.
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      arsenalmikey you are a fool
      iniesta man of the match
      • +1
      [barcelone [brazil]]
      neymar lol
      [Newcastle United,Brazil]
      This Barcelona is better with the versatility in attack, with Neymar there to provide the width, spreading out wide, taking on defenders, instead of just focusing on Messi.. And what a pass from iniesta to messi, such a pity messi did not convert it.. Neymar knows when to take on defenders and when to give a simple pass to keep the possession.. Definitely has the potential to develop this Barca attacking force, there are still some lack of chemistry, but given more time, they will be better..
      how nice is to see a champion of technical soccer like Messi being so happy when his team player Neymar scores and embrace him. Messi is also a champion of "cooperative attitude", something that players like cristiano ronaldo, ibrahimovic, and balotelli will never learn.
      • +1
      [Real Madrid , Brazil]
      Remember Ibra ?
      [Manchester United,England]
      don't worry real madrid fans, when bale gels at real madrid and gets back his form which he had at spurs at real madrid he will be deadly without a doubt.
      rooney n messi n neymar
      [man u n barca]
      neymar legend
      [Deutschland, HSV]
      Why wasn't Isco in the starting XI?
      • 0
      sepp blatter
      ask ancelotti!
      Suarez would have been a great addition. I think he is awesome.
      In my honest humble opinion the only person to blame is Perez. We had a good team last season as the results against Barca proved. Instead of messing around with the manager and team he should have brought in reinforcement. Bale is no doubt a good player but did we really need him? That money would have been better served improving our defence and maybe striker. I would have switched Benzema for Aguero or Cavani. Selling Ozil was huge. If something isn't broken why fix it. If they stop changing the team and manager every season then we might have a chance. You can't but success overnight like this. Look at Barca and follow their example.
      • -1
      now you say that when before you were threatening barca. :/
      • +2
      You said before the match Real would easily own Barca. Glad to see you returning to your senses.
      • +1
      Easy win for RM he said :).
      • +1
      I never said that you must have me confused with someone else. I'm not that stupid .
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