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Real Madrid
  • Game Played on 25th January, 2012
  • Kick Off at 21:00 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 2:2
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  • Barcelona
    • Real Madrid
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Barcelona vs Real Madrid
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      [Chelsea, Netherlands]
      Good game. Real Madrid played their hearts out today and it showed.
      [Real Madrid, Iraq]
      fucking cry baby buesquets
      [Chelsea, England]
      Mourinho has only been in REAL for 1 and a half year and his team is improving every day...barca was at its best last year and it took them 4 years to reach to that quality...but now REAL is improving much faster...its just a matter of time that we see REAL on top of europe...
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      [Manchester United FC]
      Pedro!!! and what a good game it was! Alves goal unbelievable! Madrid goals were good too but i really feel sorry for Ramos, did nothing wrong on the challenge, busquets is a good player but a realy bitch, he'd get hammered in any other league.
      Good madrid... but it not enough along your way in this season!
      de Pedro
      ohh lalallalala les butessssssssssssssss
      Green Peace
      [Real Madrid]
      Russian commentator called Pepe "Merzavets" for his attempted stampede of Barca player. Merzavets means a faggot. Indeed, Pepe is getting dirty, he is a good player but...
      benzema's goal is freakin awesome
      [Manchester United, England]
      I dont get this classico games... it is as if they want to kill their opponents. Both teams do dangerous tackles and my oh my good acting from both teams. You could literally see the heat between this two teams. Next classico should be in the battlefield and instead of a ball, it should weapons.
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      No matter what you try, you will never understand how dirty these RM's players + coach would be. Dirty minded can do anything to hurt others, just because of selfishness, they lost respect from others. Be the ones that everyone hates like Mourinho/Ronaldo is easy. Behave like Pep/Messi is considered "educated".
      Playing like animal....did you see how diarra kick messi...and madrid`s players complain about the referee...Madrid = brutalism Oh will be damage by them poor they are ....
      Busquet GAY BASTARD
      who do u hate most ? pepe,busquest ,joey barton,bellamy,materazzi 1. united for their arrogance 2. barcelona for their diving 3. chelsea and city for ruining the game with their dirty millions 4. lazio for their racistic philosophy 5. real madrid for destroying careers -.-
      Real Madrid's reign came to a decline when they sold Claude Makelele because their then chiefs did not wish to pay black players well enough. Eto'o wasn`t appreciated too, and when he left he score plentiful of goals and win several trophies. Real Madrid regretted the Galatico policies as iy wasn`t paying off without winning trophies, thus they tried to bring in Lass and Diarra to replicate the "Old" Makelele but this time Barca has rise from mid-table strugglers to a championship team.
      [Barcelona, Argentina]
      Diarra and Pepe don't get a red card, ref calls offside (when it wasn't) on Pedro when it would have left alone with Casillas, ref doesn't call penalty on Sanchez, Barcelona leading 2-0 1st half, Madrid only scored because Barcelona got complacent in the 2nd half. 14 matches against barca with pep and only 1 victory. Learn your place fanboys and stop blaming everyone else and look at your own team, sore losers.
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      Don`t u feel bored to see Barca winning against RM? It is more commercial to see RM beat Barca once in a while to bring back the viewership monies!
      I usually ignore mourinho's comments about biased refereeing in favour of Barcelona. But I do have to say after watching the game that he may have a case.
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      [Barcelona, Argentina]
      looks like you didnt really watch the game idiot. and looks like you watched the game with bias, both sides had bad calls
      vom besten
      Please kill Pepe!!! Hes a shame 4 the game!
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