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Barcelona *
5 : 0
Barcelona wins on aggregate
7 : 0
  • Game Played on 10th January, 2013
  • Kick Off at 20:30 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 3:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 5:0
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  • Barcelona
  • Goals
  • Alcantara (17')
  • Villa (21')
  • Villa (26')
  • Sanchez (55')
  • Sanchez (85')
  • Cards
  • Mascherano (63')
  • Montoya (68')
    • Cordoba
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Barcelona vs Cordoba
      Team Performance
      Top Comments
      [Gamba Osaka, North Korea]
      Messi warming the bench LIKE A BOSS!
      • +43
      haha he must be thinking: "so this is what lowly mortals called bench"
      [Barcelona, Argentina]
      Now that i think about it... I can't remember the last time Messi stayed in the bench for a whole game LOL
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      the ox
      thi..this is barcelonas B squad!!!!
      [Barcelona, England]
      Hope this means that Villa will be able to play more!
      casillas got owned twice by messi's free kick
      [Chelsea, Iran]
      Villa is class! I don't care if he is 31, i would pay him at least 30 million if he wants to leave barca. his shooting accuracy is the best after messi and ronaldo. every time he shoots it's either a goal or on target! i really like him!
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      No doubt Barca is great but in my opinion I think they will have a hard time beating Madrid in El Clasico and any team in the CL. Barca's performance IF facing BIG teams is not really satisfactory.
      [Arsenal, England]
      Barca arent a one man team. they proved it in this match other players can score as well.
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      [Manchester United]
      barca is nothing without messi.. admit it...
      • 0
      [Arsenal, England]
      and man u without van persie and rooney?
      • +1
      [Manchester United]
      @MRarsenal500... and arsenal without hmmmm what can anyone say they all are same losers...
      We are are great as a team, already 16 points ahead of real in the league so we've guaranteed the la liga pretty much, but for some reason although after yesterdays 5-0 victory I'm still not yet convinced that we deliver the excitement and flamboyant style play of Real Madrid that give a buzz to the fans. I'm sorry to admit that but even though I'm better as an individual compared to Ronaldo, when it comes down to comparing the whole team real is ahead in my point of view, sorry to admit:(((
      • 0
      i think the same :) agree with u
      [Barcelona, England]
      Who said we needed Messi to win ?
      [Arsenal, Nigeria]
      the number of Barca shots in this game is too damn high!! :D
      Troll HAHA
      Tat fxxking Alexis flop finally score....
      i thnk messi should go to ac milan like what ronaldinho has done... :) let others shine in la liga :)
      • +1
      [Manchester United]
      then barca will go where..hmmm??
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      [Barcelona, Japan]
      shut the fuck up.
      [Barcelona, Japan]
      barca pwned someone even without messi lol
      [Manchester United, ]
      holy fuck.. real madrid with ronaldo is better than barca without messi, not mention who the opponet is.. I think barca deserves laliga this season. It's not about messi.. this is about team chemistry. Barca clearly has more chemistry than madrid this season. put off messi, I still think barca will win laliga, even if CR7 keep shine everyweek. barca is amazing, best club side ever. from madrid fan.
      many people think messi should go to premier league. if so, he would do better than what ronaldo did when he was still playing than manutd... the logic and prove is that messi is better than ronaldo in the la liga bbva...
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