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2 : 0
Stoke City
  • Game Played on 7th March, 2010
  • Kick Off at 16:00 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 2:0
There are 7564 fans of Chelsea and 19 fans of Stoke City on FootyRoom
  • This was a match in
    FA Cup
    Season 2009/2010
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  • Chelsea
    • Stoke City
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Chelsea vs Stoke City
      Team Performance
      [ur dad]
      all od use are a bunch of pricks
      I hate Hilario lol at 1:10 Cech come back fast plssssss
      [Manchester United FC]
      And for you Chelsea fans. Your beloved f*cked up club will flop come end of the season and Man Utd will still win the BPL.
      [Manchester United FC]
      Gurveer Madan, quit living in the past u dirty scouse. Its called the Barclays Premier League u d*ckhead. And when was the last time u've won the Premier League? Liverpool aint winning anything for sure. Man Utd dominates your sorry arses..
      [Arsenal London]
      Fuck up raffaello...when i see any chelsea player i will kill him and than i fuck you mother and than i fuck your father and than your hole shit familie i hate motherfucking chelsea arsenal will win the titles YES ARSENAL <3
      Toni [MACEDONIA]
      [CHELSEA FC]
      Toni [MACEDONIA]
      [CHELSEA FC]
      hey man utd fan fuck off cuz with words you cant done nothing!!!and first we cant be beaten by inter cuz we are playing home!!!just be jealous cuz chelsea have so many good players but in manchester there is just rooney!!!!manchester united cant take the uefa cl without cr7(cr9) if im honest chelsea are premier league champions this year 100%!!!omg your mother have good boooooobies and good pusssssy!!!!GO ON CHELSEA
      Gurveer Madan
      [Liverpool FC]
      Hey Richardinho they will be lifting BPL but liverpool will be lifting the EPL!!!!! CHAO OUTSIDE!!!!!
      man utd fan
      Chelsea sucks big time...We are no.1(man utd that is). fucking chelsea can suck fergusons dick. chelshit are not gonna win anything this year not at least champions league( inter is gonna kick ur sorry arses and premier league( u know we gonna win four in a row) so go home and cry to your mama little chelsea fags
      [Manchester United FC]
      Having a filthy rich owner doesnt make you great. If it wasnt for the Russian bastard Chelsea would still be a cheap and lousy club which they use to be. Anyways, Man Utd have been in big debts but still doing great and still winning 3 titles in a row(going to be fourth). Like Liverpool, we dont care if u do the double over us. In the end we will still be lifting the BPL.
      thanks lampard and terry........
      chelsea is a very good equipe???
      chealsea rules
      What the fuck man if u support manu or arsenal ur so dum they are cheeap teams and they easaly can get beaten in any game. arsenal,liverpool,manu suck they just vs easy teams by the way fuck you kawal you have no mother u gaylord go nad suck ur balls!!!
      [chelsea , ]
      hey guys where is Asenal and ManU on fa cup ,,,, are they lost muchen hahahahahah shim on them i think they had played with Stocke city ,,,, hahahah hahahahah
      [chelsea , ]
      Kowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaallll KOWAL you are motherfucker KOWAL i want to fuck your mother you hore son dont say som things about chelsea fun ,,,you are son of dog idiot dont say shit you idoit you can talk shit about team dont about chelsea fun you motherfucker idiot ,,,, give me telephon that i talk with you ,,, bitch son ,,,
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