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Newcastle United
  • Game Played on 22nd September, 2010
  • Kick Off at 19:45 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 3:4
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  • Chelsea
    • Newcastle United
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Chelsea vs Newcastle United
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      Newcastle team: Krul, Campbell, Coloccini, (Shane) Ferguson, Ranger, Smith, Vuckic, Gutierrez, Ameobi, Lovenkrands. Second string Newcastle team too. Face it, Chelsea fans. Stop talking smack: you lost. End of.
      [arsenal ]
      good game by both teams .some chelsea fans were commenting in nasri's incident yesterday ,now what do you have to say with alex's one huh? they must admit that chelsea cannot produce good players so they must buy them for bringing sucess and that is not good for the future of this club .now even manchester united are trying to develop thir own players .
      [FC Barcelona]
      chelsea sucks
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      [Barcelona, Aston Villa, Spain]
      it seems like all the best teams are losing in the carling cup
      a very entertaining game, well done newcastle they gave us a good game, but we will come back and better
      [man united]
      chelsea r rubbihhhh
      [liverpool fc]
      great game... happy with chelsea lose
      You lot talk a lot of rubbish here are the facts. We lost. Great game. Well done Jordies.Every cup is worth winning. We move on. Up the chels!!!
      raj son of god
      newcastle get them ass kick today ha ha nice to see you get your ass cut at home ..and you have chelsea to come by you yet lol lol cant wait well done stoke good play ...chelsea till i die
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      New Zealand
      um howd you guys go against man city?
      [Man Utd]
      Chelshits lol :D :P
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      Mighty Blue Forever
      [Chelsea ov cos]
      Uni-tits. lol
      [Man U]
      @ Ed - man city just gave you a match mate =] u just lost it. and stop making excuses for carling cup. u think the players dont want carling? if u cant get cl or fac, u need carling to double atleast...
      • +3
      man utd sucks
      carling cup an irrelevelant competition to you cause your team never wins it.
      [Man United]
      suck it chelsea
      [Manchester United, Poland]
      Chelsea will not back down after this result. They will comeback.
      Well we're out of the carling cup but holy shit what a game!
      No matter what happen, CHELSEA is still the best
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      in all, newcastle are still going down. cant even beat blackpool on their home ground. chelsea>blackpool>newcastle=shit
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      right, we lost. And loss is loss, no excuses. Only Chelsea fan always excuses when they lose. Shame on you.
      • +2
      newcastle is the best, chelsea is shit
      [newcastle united]
      newcastle will qualify for the europa league where as arsenal will take the trophy of chelsea in the prem and the newcastle v chelsea game in november newcastle will win sobye chelsea look forward to 10th place
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      [Double winners chelsea]
      David. it doesnt matter dude. newcastle cant even win the carlingcup anyway. and btw. chelsea are gonna beat ur asses back in the prem league and shove u guys back to the relagation. see u back in the championship
      • +1
      ok, let's be frank. newcastle is not expected to win the carling cup. they are just expected to stay in the premier league and not relegate this season. however, chelsea is expected to win as many games as possible, needless to say as many cups as possible. as a chelsea fan, my honest reply to all critics is that chelsea didn't play exceptionally well and newcastle deserved the win. so to all chelsea fans around the world, stop giving yourselves excuses unless u belong to some team that no one has ever heard of because chelsea is a very good team with much better players than many other soccer clubs in the world.
      • +5
      so to "newcastleisshit", why not say "chelseaisshit" for today? we may win the league, but not the carling cup. i respect newcastle for their "never-say-die" attitude during the match. anyway, to everyone who reads this, it's not easy to win everything. so i'm not surprised with the scoreline. but one thing is for sure. chelsea must improve if they want to be dominant in the league.
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      [Manchester United FC]
      Yea, you gonna see them back IN the Championship because your team is going down TOO! LOL!!
      • +2
      Don't you know Newcastle only look carling Cup as a training ground for youth players? lol
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      newcastle is the best, chelsea is shit
      [newcastle united]
      neh we'll see u in champs league where we will win it
      • -2
      haha, well, we lost again...
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