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5 : 2
Leicester City
  • Game Played on 18th March, 2012
  • Kick Off at 15:00 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 5:2
There are 7581 fans of Chelsea and 23 fans of Leicester City on FootyRoom
  • This was a match in
    FA Cup
    Season 2011/2012
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  • Chelsea
    • Leicester City
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Chelsea vs Leicester City
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      [Chelsea, Netherlands]
      that is our 50m striker...hes back !! 2 goals, 2 assists
      [Chelsea, Japan]
      So glad to see Torres scored !! but someone needs to teach Sturridge a lesson... he is too selfish...
      [Man United, England]
      i came here because torres scored i had to see it for myslef
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      [Chelsea, Poland]
      nice game
      [Brazil Santos ]
      ory 1994 shut the f'ck up torres scored vs barcelona vs man united you little p.r.i.c.k
      Mr. Rager
      Great to see Torres back in form...
      Chelsea was given a chance to find thier form back with this club and they did pretty well..TOrres scoring after 24 games,well maybe this will be his his comeback but i have to say leicester"s defence was abit sloppy !!
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      Fernando Torres a great player.......... and played for Atletico Madrid......the Real Madrid greatest enemy.......Barcelona-Atletico Madrid and rayo Vallecano-always together against the same enemy real madrid....
      ya torres scored 2 and assisted two and got man of the match and played brilliant from start to finish and he worked to his limites and i know torres is back
      it was the torres and meireles show...
      [manchester united]
      all chelsea goal are mistake by that goalyyyyyyyy
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      [Manchester United, Spain]
      Too bad Torres needs to play against teams like Leicester to score.
      • +1
      funny that coz i remember him packing u out a few times
      • -3
      [manchester united]
      You remember him packing us a few times? As a chelshit player? Oh you must be referring to the open goal miss? Fine.
      • +4
      Manshitter boy! be careful how you call names. Chelsea is still in the champions league where you failed making England proud. If not for chelsea i would say epl is .......
      [manchester united]
      wellkam back torrew
      Irsyad 207 ABC
      [Manchester City]
      Chelsea always a shit!...Torres will never ever be a fantastic scorer again!! doubt! WTF
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      [Manchester City, England]
      True story dawg,Torres score twice a year..
      • -2
      No doubt at all...i wish next season torres become a goalkeeper..make him comfortable with the ball...his leg is useless right now.why not he use his hands to catch the!
      [Chelsea, England]
      Now Everybody love Chelsea !! Sopport us Vs City next game !! Man City come here !!
      • -3
      "Now Everybody love Chelsea !!" is this the end of the world?? wait wait, correction!! Everybody hates Chelsea..why? Because they have a useless striker who is only score twice a year..Fernando Torres!!...EL-nino..El-uselessnino is the perfect one to describe torres
      [Manchester United, England]
      To be honest, im not convinced. When he starts scoring in the premier league, then ill chant the name torres once more.
      2 goals against Leicester? oh come on ya chelsea fans are too naive hes not back, he will never score a goal again in premier league now that he scored in this cup now hes fantastic ? i cant believe how stupid are you chelsea fans, torres is over hes pure s.hit and will die like that stop dreaming hes not back at all i mean he will be back soon when they play a epl game and he wont score as ever, get a life stop lying yourselves torres is crap
      • +2
      [Liverpool, Spain]
      Wow. People like you shouldn't be a liverpool supporter.
      • 0
      owh common you stupid liverpool fan how about you carling cup with cardiff city are the premiership team?? ahhh shittt!! you only win by penalty and then call like you are hero?? if liverpool true best club by what you meant beat NAPOLI in first place?? of coz you can't!!! Now i know why liverpool most hated club in the world!!
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