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Manchester United
  • Game Played on 31st October, 2012
  • Kick Off at 19:45 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:2
  • Full Time finished with scoreline 3:3
  • Game ended after Extra Time with scoreline 5:4
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  • Chelsea
  • Goals
  • Luiz (31')
  • Cahill (52')
  • Hazard (90')
  • Sturridge (97')
  • Ramires (116')
  • Cards
  • Luiz (90')
  • Romeu (12')
  • Mikel (25')
  • Ramires (115')
  • Oscar (100')
    • Manchester United
    • Goals
    • Giggs (22')
    • Hernandez (43')
    • Nani (59')
    • Giggs (120')
    • Cards
    • Wootton (64')
    • Keane (105')
    • Giggs (118')
    • Nani (100')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Chelsea vs Manchester United
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      My hat are totally off for hazard's assist. What a move !!!
      [Chelsea, England]
      I feel abit shameful about this victory, because Di Matteo was afraid to loose and decided to put our 3 first team players, while Sir Alex kept his youngest side on the pitch. Di Matteo showed he got no balls... should have kept it a fair game...
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      man utd
      chelsea was so lucky in this match.
      [Chelsea, Poland]
      good match My hat are totally off for hazard's assist. What a move !!!
      killer man+u
      [man united]
      i will ashley young. it would be a pleasure
      What a f***ing match bro..! totally worth it..! ;)
      [Chelsea Fc]
      KTBFFH......Chelsea played 3 first team players, so what? Giggs, , Nani, Hernandez, Anderson and others played for Man U, they never had rooney and Van Persie. We never had Lampard, Terry, Ivanovic, Torres. and again how young are those first team players? go figure that.......... anyway Blues 4 life..........
      stupid English football
      • +2
      Sir Alex+Ferguson+The+Blowjober
      [clattenburgs cock]
      Why? Is it just because my team pays to referees as much as juventus does?
      • 0
      [Chelsea Fc]
      HA HA HA yOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND....................
      Sheikh Mansour
      No more league cup tournament for Manchester united meaning another trophyless season for them.
      • 0
      No! Should be MC this year. Out from Capital one cup. 3rd in EPL; will be out soon from CL. I don't see how MC will win a trophy this year.
      [ASPL 2000 - Mauritius]
      Hazard...What a player!
      • -4
      [ASPL 2000 - Mauritius]
      ...what a terrible player i meant. Trololol
      John Terry
      • 0
      [Chelsea Fc]
      [real Madrid arsenal russia]
      [real Madrid arsenal russia]
      chelse was missin ferrnando torres man united wS MISSING THERE FULL FIRST SQUAD
      Ashley Young
      [Manchester United]
      I am very ugly, please, someone punch me in the face.
      the blues is the maintain team... i hope the red devils do not maked the mother father things....
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      man u
      [Manchester United-Real Madrid]
      chelsea fans so happy they won man u with our 2nd team without our 3 top players if it was our 1st team we will fk you 3-2 i sware they make me feel like they won the world cup..
      • +19
      luiz suares
      mancheater fans should stop their craps about 1st and 2nd team. whats the diffrnt??? even with ur 1st team, u still need the ref help to win..2 red cards n 1 offside goal, lol, what a joke this mancheater team..both ur 1st and 2nd team cant beat chelsea in a fair game nigggaaa..suck on that nigggaa
      [ManCity VFL Bochum]
      omg manu 2nd team is better then first , thex scored goals against 11chelsea players and 1st tea against 9 only 3 , so the 2nnd team is better?!
      • +1
      i bet they also say clattenburg is better ref than this one
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