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2 : 1
South Africa
  • Game Played on 16th June, 2013
  • Kick Off at 13:00 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:1
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 2:1
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  • Ethiopia
  • Goals
  • Kebede (42')
  • Parker (70')
  • Cards
  • Addis (61')
  • Aynalem (70')
  • Jemal (90')
    • South Africa
    • Goals
    • Parker (34')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Ethiopia vs South Africa
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      • +7
      torres tornado
      What is your point, loser?
      Fantastic own goal!!
      • +5
      ibn kathir
      The better team won.. ethiopians was just too good for SA today, sorry i think you have something personal with ethiopian government.
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      mnu unite=forlife
      [mnu (fergy)]
      we got this even SA beat central A we gone win it is good both Botswana and SA are in so they got something to play for when we play CA they have nothing to worry for see you in next round ETIOPIA FOR LIFE
      [chelsea & morinho]
      i dont know what is going with african commissions all africans are black color and black mind let me tell u one thing ethiopia has already celebrated the world cup but later comes with the bad news ethiopia has punished 3 points cos they have alegd eligible player who has 2 yelew cards and this is the worst thing that i have seen in football what is the work of the coach and the federation i cant believe
      mnu unite=forlife
      [mnu (fergy)]
      MERSA his full name is MEGERSA he live in ARCANSA his faveret chanal is ESAT FUCKK YOUR POLETICS BITCHH go eat your burgur we don't care bout that Ethiopia well shine very soon ppl like mersa or megersa leve ass alone we are working hard and having fun we don't know or don't care about what you say. ETHIOPA FOR LIFE
      mnu unite=forlife
      [mnu (fergy)]
      well done Ethiopia brothers great job forget about CORAPTED FIFA we still gone pass with out there bs they want SA to pass why they wait till the end of this game to say this kind of shittt fuckk you FIFA AND SA YOU HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE BY CORAPTION WE WORK HARD AND WE ALL KNOW HARD WORK WILL PAY OFF WE ARE ETHIOPIAN PROWD BABY . ETHIOPIA FOR LIFE SEE YOU IN BRAZIL
      Biny Man
      Luck is on our side...
      [man utd ]
      well done Ethiopia happy for you ^_^
      Remember , if ethiopian players are too weak, then your players are the weakest of all time !
      @ mrsa big loser, what the fuck do you wanna say ? Ethiopia won ! Rember it isn't a one game result. it is a result of 5 matches !
      If an own goal is to be scored it has to be good. That was top class corner BULLET header.
      This comment is unliked by majority (show)
      Ethio won't reach far cuz they are malnutrished and too weak to compete in World Cuo. They all will disappear in Brazil in order to seek a better life in the West, just like they did in London. As Meles, the Pharaoh of East Africa, a Wayana (small untouchable ethnically minority) prime minster lost to brain cancer, his own clan men took over the regime. Ethiopians of all ethnicity are coming to Somalia in millions, Oromos and other marginalized people. The 3 million very short people of that Pharaoh in hell are oppressing over 67 million people. They think the world is not 21st century. Lucky for them, Somalia which they were scared to death up until 1990 is fighting itself.Sorry Bafana-Bafana, you really deserved to win, and you will certainly come back home.
      • +5
      ibn kathir
      The better team won.. ethiopians was just too good for SA today, sorry i think you have something personal with ethiopian government.
      • +3
      Please dont even bother commenting on this page. Please remember that Ethiopia are the TOP of the group. If all you say here is true where does that leave the rest of the teams? Including bafana bafana.Accept the defeat and stop bringing politics you know nothing about into this page.Thank you
      • +7
      torres tornado
      What is your point, loser?
      • 0
      Hey Mrsa In football there is no hate or POLETICS just like PM Meles sickness RIGHT HERE u r doing politics and u wont no nothing about it u will be all ways hater but ETHIOPIA is big and it will be BIG for ever so pls U DONT BE cancer on football shame on u all ur comment is politics
      Ethiopian team they will go far if they play the same good luck
      Ethiopian Football is growing in an alarming rate these days but football scouts didn't give any attention for the emerging young stars of the eastern African country. Halo be in harry, you will be profitable and may be you will find footballers at the level with many black stars in Europe in a very cheap price. You know their football style is technically rich.
      ya ethiopia
      wow i hate the way south africa has no good footballers
      [Team (Optional)]
      We deserve to be in Brazil 2014!!!
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