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Didn't find anything.

Anyone else have problem with the PL predictor as well?
zhange2 6 months ago
Barcelona, Hong Kong 13 46

I predicted that Arsenal would beat Leicester 3-1, and it ended up 4-3. That means that I should get 10 points, since I guessed the correct outcome. But it gave me 0 points. Anyone know why?

Eden17Hazard17 6 months ago
Chelsea FC 145 3769

Yeah same, but it's the first day today and I'm sure Footyroom will fix it soon.

KTBFFHSWE 6 months ago
Chelsea FC, Sweden 52 2445

You support the wrong team. FR has a Barcelona filter. -10points on all predictions. It works fine for me.

liomessi10 6 months ago
Barcelona, Argentina 219 2883

Might just take a few hours to update.

iHEARTfootball 6 months ago
Manchester United 29 323

anyone else predicted a Liverpool win, but got 0 at the end :(