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Didn't find anything.

Cr7SkillZZ 12 months ago
Real Madrid 1 4

im back and i will do better this time.. just apologizing to everyone for the past


tuan_jinn 12 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 153 5286

Welcome back mate. :)

Be sure to follow the community rules this time then :)

liomessi10 12 months ago
Barcelona, Argentina 219 2883

remember reading on your wall once "is this guy dead?!". that comment was well before i was on footyroom.
anyways nice to have you back!

Golefty 12 months ago
Toronto FC 22 893

+1 for your bio/about lol

JuanMata10 12 months ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696

loool first warning on your wall already from @tuan. I'll give you two weeks :-D

Madridista11 11 months ago
Real Madrid, Somalia 38 743

Welcome back man. To be honest, I always had the idea that you and @Iraqi were one... Anyway, best of luck!

tuan_jinn 11 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 153 5286

Wrote on your wall. please change your bio.

liomessi10 11 months ago
Barcelona, Argentina 219 2883

having lasted a week is pretty good considering your recent comments...

raimondo90 11 months ago
Valencia, Argentina 87 2163

One of the worst trolls returns and in less than a full week he already reverted to the same attitude that got him banned.

Dynastian98 11 months ago
465 6782

Banned for a week. Do you think I don't remember what you used to say about Barcelona and their players? Fix your behavior or risk being permanently banned. You will get no more opportunities after this one. Consider yourself lucky that I'm being lenient enough to even give you another chance.