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BVB !!
ironfist2010 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Egypt 69 907

In ur opinion , how far BVB will go in the competition ? and which team could stop them ?

koldimere 5 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 973

They'll do well this time I'm certain. They're not even underdogs they're real challengers. Hope they win it.

United_Hates_Blues 5 years ago
Manchester United, England 12 915

BVB players are fit as hell!! I'm loving the knock, only Barca could stop them. 

Real on a good day, United with the help of god :/. 

Joe_Manchester 5 years ago
Manchester United, Egypt 106 622

United can offensively, but defense Noooooooooooooo chance!!!!

ramaboy10 5 years ago
Burnley Reserves, Mauritius 283 6390

They are like mini barca... always passing but with a younger squad! We might be able to beat them but it will be very tight 4-3 maybe!

Falconryman1 5 years ago
Arsenal 1 161

If they carry on the way they are, they could be unstoppable.

ChelseaRox10 5 years ago
Chelsea, England U19 140 974

Quarter Finals, maybe semis

man_utd 5 years ago
Manchester United, South Korea 91 1444

Little bit of luck (in terms of who their opponents are in knockout stages) could take them to the finals easily.

Golden 5 years ago
FC Porto, Portugal 35 693

I think Dortmund can go as far as they want to. They're capable of it - and they know it.

expertfootball11 5 years ago
Real Madrid, France 61 2472

Quarters will already be historical, but let's be realistic and not exagerate. Maybe after christmas they will lose form.

quikzyyy 5 years ago
Arsenal 389 6830

i think semi-final or maybe even final match

ironfist2010 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Egypt 69 907

well in my opinion i think they'll reach the semifinal if only they didn't play against teams capable of beating them which are ( in my opinion ) Barca and Real Madrid ( most likely ) Juventus & Bayern ( less likely ). i think Man utd won't be able to stand a chance in front of them coz BVB plays a very well organized team play which is a clear weak point in man utd , they can't play good against such teams and of course we all remember what did at.bilbao did to them

ironfist2010 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Egypt 69 907

anyway , of course i hope Real Madrid will be the champion but if not i hope it'll be the BVB !!