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Dionatan Teixeira dies aged 25
quikzyyy 3 months ago
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Former Stoke City defender Dionatan Teixeira has died at the age of 25 from a suspected heart attack.

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He joined Stoke in 2014 having had trials at a number of Premier League clubs including Manchester City. But the Brazilian's time in England was blighted by injury and he made only two substitute appearances for Stoke in three years at the club.

Teixeira was in his native Brazil when he was taken ill and he died on Sunday after a suspected heart attack, according to his current club FC Sheriff, a Moldovan side who are playing in the Europa League this season. The club, who won the domestic league and cup double last season, added: "He will remain forever in our hearts."


tuan_jinn 3 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 149 5180

Ohhh no,

R.I.P :(

Gennady 3 months ago
Manchester United, Russia 246 2936

Ohh no way! That's very sad. RIP.

How are the medicals done at those clubs that they never see a player with a weak heart or what?

Croatian 3 months ago
Bayern Munich, Croatia 18 900


@Gennady, I wonder that too. Seems like so much footballers died lately, and 17 year old kid died few days ago... also what happened with Nouri. Depressing to think about it.

amir_keal 3 months ago
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RIP, so sad to hear

Also, it does not seem Nouri will ever get back to football unfortunately.

Emobot7 2 months ago
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@amir Well, it would already be a decent victory if Nouri managed to go back to a semi normal way of life. :(

Anyway, RIP, hope the exam in future take those case into account and try to find out player with weaker heart or illness before the worse come to happen. :(

Croatian 2 months ago
Bayern Munich, Croatia 18 900

Nouri sadly won't make it out. He won't speak to his family & friends anymore, he will be lucky if he manages to atleast wake up from coma, but then again he won't be able to remember anything. Huge parts of his brain are dead.

Just to think about it makes me depressed, he was meant to be one of best talents in Ajax in recent years. So sad and depressing.

Eden17Hazard17 2 months ago
Chelsea FC 144 3728

Yep, Nouri won't be improving. Same with Schumacher. When these things happen and even the media are understanding by giving the families their space, you know it ain't good.

Don't expect to hear anything more about Nouri for a long long time. Probably won't be able to walk, talk, or do the basics. It's really sad.

Emobot7 2 months ago
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@Croatian It is. :( Still, I wish the best for his family and hope they will stay strong.