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FA Cup Arsenal round draw
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    Tottenham v Wycombe
    Derby v Leicester
    Oxford v Newcastle or Birmingham
    AFC Wimbledon or Sutton v Cambridge Utd or Leeds
    Plymouth or Liverpool v Wolves
    Southampton or Norwich v Arsenal
    Lincoln or Ipswich v Brighton
    Chelsea v Brentford
    Man Utd v Wigan

    Millwall v Watford
    Rochdale v Huddersfield
    Burnley or Sunderland v Fleetwood or Bristol City
    Blackburn v Barnsley or Blackpool
    Fulham v Hull City
    Middlesbrough v Accrington
    Crystal Palace or Bolton v Man City

    will update when there will be picture available for better readability

    4 months ago (Jan 9 '17 at 19:45)
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    [Chelsea FC]
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    Josh McEachran is coming back :)

    4 months ago (Jan 11 '17 at 11:48)
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    [Chelsea FC]
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    Omg, I only just got the joke!! XD

    4 months ago (Jan 12 '17 at 00:59)
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    [Real Madrid, Germany]
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    Still don't understand the need to have two cups in England.

    4 months ago (Jan 12 '17 at 02:04)
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    [Barcelona, France]
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    Yeah same for France, but there is only one leg. And probably sells tickets...

    4 months ago (Jan 12 '17 at 02:06)
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    @tiki I really like how France competition work, single leg, direct to overtime and penality if a draw (no ridiculous second leg), you are in or you are out, no messing about, you only waste your time as long as needed, then you keep on going or you can focus on the other competition. I also really happen to like that format in PES Master League. XD

    4 months ago (Jan 12 '17 at 03:34)
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