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FootyRoom App
koldimere 7 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

Is there a FootyRoom App avaiable? I've tried viewing FootyRoom through an iTouch via Wi-Fi but it doesn't stream videos. It'd be great if you guys developed one!

rossonerikid 6 years ago
AC Milan 24 100

I think there is an app but you can't stream videos other than from YouTube on the iPod Touch because it doesn't have Flash Player.

expertfootball11 6 years ago
Real Madrid, France 61 2473

It would be great actuammy..You just don't need a Wi-Fi to connect and you can watch without problems.

expertfootball11 6 years ago
Real Madrid, France 61 2473

Also if you put it on the APP store,make it free,Footyroom's reputation will be increasing.

ManchesterUnited 5 years ago
Manchester United, England 0 1

Yeah, a footy highlights app would be really helpful.

quikzyyy 5 years ago
Arsenal 392 6931

yes! I already was thinkin' about it when i try to log-in via iphone it's impossible login bar disappear every time I try to click there.

Fru_Toot 5 years ago
Manchester City, England 54 635

i thought there was an footyroom app look,

JuanMata10 5 years ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696

is it only for iOs or for android too?

Joe_Manchester 5 years ago
Manchester United, Egypt 106 624

Make an android version that streams from your website please!