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Hello everyone@
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[Real Madrid, Bosnia-Herzegovina]
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Greetings football lovers!

I have been gone for some time. I know I came back sporadically, but I decided to become a lot more active from this point on.

I thought the best way to start (or rather restart) my activity was to send greetings to all who know me and as well for those who don't, to re-introduce myself a little bit.

I'm a Real Madrid and Fenerbahce supporter.

I'm born in Bosnia but grew up in Turkey and grew up supporting Fenerbahce, due to their fans, football type and not to mention - Bosnian players who at the time played there. Those who might be familiar with this part might remember Bolic, and Baljic. (Bolic scored a goal at Old Trafford that ended a very very long home unbeaten record). I watched that game live and remember is as if it was yesterday.

For the same reason, when I got interested in International Football, which was around 97-98, I chose Real Madrid.

They were simply the best at the time. The Galacticos, those from my Country always considered them as the 'Kings' club. The richest, the most expansive, the most beautiful football, and the best players. That's what they were associated with. It was natural that I would support them, especially when they had likes of Suker. Mijatovic. Even Baljic was bought from my club.. but an injury ended his career.

I supported Real through thick and thin. So I deserve this little run of glory we've had, as do all Madridistas.

Anyway, if you have any questions, don't hesitate.

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[Real Madrid, Bosnia-Herzegovina]
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Here's Bolic's goal, the one I mentioned.

The happiness, the joy I felt after that goal and with each of Cantona's misses.. it's honestly incomparable.

I watched the game between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, the first final where we needed a heroic Ramos to take the game to extra time..

I don't think I felt as happy then, as I did when Bolic scored.

I was jumping and screaming on both of them but.. what Bolic and Fenerbahce did at the time was unheard of before, at least in Turkey. Fenerbahce would usually get embarrassed against the elite of Europe. That night was something else.

Of course, Turkish football has come a long way since then. In my mind, that goal started their European ambitions. Not just Fenerbahce but of Turkey. They showed that it was possible.

I don't know how many remember, but Fenerbahce played their best football under Zico. They beat Inter and Chelsea, played amazing football. The biggest mistake the club made was letting Zico go. Never again did we look even half as good as we were then.

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[Bayern Munich, Croatia]
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Welcome back man! Beautiful goal by Bolic, I haven't seen it for a while.

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[Barcelona, Argentina]
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Welcome backk!!

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Welcome back mate! Its good to see you and its also great to see share a bit about you and your memory with us. Thanks a lot and hopefully, you'll be even more active than before. :D

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[Manchester United, Russia]
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[Chelsea FC]
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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back dude! It's nice to see more Madrid supporters who have been through the rough patches.

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[Manchester United, Netherlands]
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Welcome backkkk

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[Real Madrid, Bosnia-Herzegovina]
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Thank you all for the warm greetings.

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