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Hi, I'm back after a few months of disappearance
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[Manchester United]
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Hi, I was a member of this site a few months ago, but then suddenly vanished in thin air because I was playing football.

I'm a Park Ji Sung fan, so I'm also a Man Utd fan. Please to see that I'm back here and looking forward to meeting new people.

GGMU, EPL title here we come!

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[Manchester City, Spain]
Posts: 14 | Comments: 15

WOW. No-one gives a crap!!!!

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[Chelsea, Germany]
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[Real Madrid, Iraq]
Posts: 22 | Comments: 329

we dont even f*cking care u loser -_-

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[Manchester United]
Posts: 29 | Comments: 318

Wow, ever since I left, so many idiots must have joined this website. This is not what I expected from FootyRoom members in this site. 

A bunch of f.ags talking down on someone who is simply trying to say 'Hi, it's great to be back'? If you don't care, then don't reply, idiot.

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[Tottenham Hotspur, England]
Posts: 7 | Comments: 728

Wouldn't worry about them lot, CR7 is always abusing people and the others being Chelsea & City fans it is what you would expect from pathetic gloryhunters.

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[Chelsea, Austria]
Posts: 17 | Comments: 1694

@Jimskeleton, not all Chelsea fans are like the one above, so stop being a douchebag, every team has such supporters, which are stupid

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[Manchester United, Costa Rica]
Posts: 79 | Comments: 2100

Welcom back to FootyRoom!  since you left probably the troll population grew up a lot, but i hope that doesn't keep you from posting around the site.

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[Chelsea, Portugal]
Posts: 6 | Comments: 87

Welcome back bro...hope u leave a lot sooner than last time u prick....who cares if your back you fag

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[Real Madrid, France]
Posts: 61 | Comments: 2469

@fuck off man u're a troll stop insulting others.

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[Manchester United, Senegal]
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Glory glory *getting in*

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[Manchester United, Germany]
Posts: 50 | Comments: 575

Welcome to FR!

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[Chelsea FC, Egypt]
Posts: 202 | Comments: 3025

Dear god, the amount of trolls this site had 2 years ago.... Although, some of them still stop by time to time *COUGH* CR7Skillz *COUGH*

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[Manchester United, Netherlands]
Posts: 144 | Comments: 4894

Welcome back :) yeah this site is full of trolls now

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[Chelsea FC, England]
Posts: 32 | Comments: 202

this was posted 2 years and 1 months ago..why are you people welcoming him back now

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