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I Salute Footyroom
koldimere 6 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

"Man was born free but everywhere he is in chains..."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

That's not the case in the internet but that may change soon. Footyroom has earned my respect and affection for supporting the Anti-SOPA and PIPA act. Footyroom could be censored if this ghastly bill is passed. People please do this one good thing in your life and let your voice be heard against this totalitarian act. Search "STOP SOPA" on google and join the petition. The internet is the last free thing we as humans have. 

Again I beg of each and every user here, for the love of footyroom, football and the internet go out and do something about this. Share this on facebook or any other social networking sites you are involved in.

This may be the future:

Heisinburg 6 years ago
Manchester United 67 1516

WoW. At first I was unfamiliar with this 'SOPA'. So I done some quick research to find out what it was, and I gotta say, f**k the US government.

For those who don't know what 'SOPA' is, it stands for 'STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT'. Meaning that it aims to  shut down ANY SITES THAT REVEAL ANYTHING THAT IS CONSIDERED COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL.

The US government don't even know wtf they are doing, since they are planning to take down sites like YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, BING, PIRATE BAY, and especially FOOTYROOM, because they ALWAYS reveal copyrighted material in order for us to be entertained daily. 

F**k the US government, because if this turns out successful, then not only that FootyRoom will be gone, but also the rest of the most popular sites such as FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, AND GOOGLE.

Don't support SOPA, because it is the most re.tarded act I have ever heard of.

JuanMata10 6 years ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696

WTF? WTF? WTF? Wtf is going on with the US government? What are we gonna do without youtube, google, footyroom, etc.?? 

Heisinburg 6 years ago
Manchester United 67 1516

Not only that, the US government is planning to spread this news globally. Meaning that the next country that will support and follow could be yours!

SOPA is a mistake

bloodred1992 6 years ago
Manchester United, Portugal 15 300

I can't imagine life without YouTube, Wikipedia, FootyRoom and above all Lord Google. The US Government is full of retards, can't even frame a proper bill that will actually succeed in stopping piracy instead of filling courts worldwide with worthless copyright cases. Or maybe they see this bill as a way of controlling the web much like they like to control everything.
Talk about having some serious superiority complex issues!

CR7skillz 6 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 22 329

its not about the government of america but its about these f**king dumb americans who are trying to put websites and other stuff down -_- F**K YOU USA

expertfootball11 6 years ago
Real Madrid, France 61 2481

agree with bloodred1992, the shitty US want to close Wikileaks.Retarded guys.