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    [Arsenal, Netherlands]
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    DIRECT FREE KICK- Probably they have one of the best free kick takers. Examples are Pjanic and Alves and what not
    DEFENDING SET PIECES- They are also great at defending set pieces!
    Through balls
    Creating Chances
    Attacking set pieces
    Protecting the lead


    I'll let you choose


    Through balls
    Attack through the middle
    Short passes
    Rotate their team
    Non Agressive

    Top 5 players in Serie A

    1. Pjanic
    2. Sandro
    3. Higuain
    4. Dybala
    5. Alves

    Top 5 players in Champions League

    1. Alves
    2. Rugani
    3. Dybala
    4. Marchisio
    5. Bonucci

    Best Serie A lineup


    Best Champions League lineup:


    3 months ago (Jan 27 '17 at 16:30)
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    Propably one of the best defense in Europe in my opinion. Really like Pjanic as well, the guy is one of the best freekick taker in the world. What also make Juventus such a good side is the depth of their squad and the fact they are not quite as limited with the way they play. They also some of the best veteran in europe and even got some talented prospect like Rugani, Dybala and Lemina. Really one of the top side in Europe since a few year. If I ever had to find them a weakness, I'd say they pherhap lack a bit of motivation what with them dominating their league year in and year out. Allegri also doesn't strike as the most charismatic manager of all time, so this might play a part in it.

    3 months ago (Jan 27 '17 at 17:14)
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    [Perth Glory, Australia]
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    Nice, strongly agree with everything, I haven't watched them Champions League, but in Serie A, I 100 percent disagree with Struaro. Put Hernanes. I also agree with Emobot here, except the Allegri part. Juventus to win ucl by the way. Til then, seep peeps.

    3 months ago (Jan 27 '17 at 17:17)
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    Nice, strongly agree with everything, I haven't watched them Champions League, but in Serie A, I 100 percent disagree with Struaro. Put Hernanes.

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    @Will11 Well, I'm not an huge Juventus fan and doesn't watch many of their games, I've got no idea how Allegri act beside the field when he is watching his team. One thing for sure, that doesn't stop him from being a pretty decent manager. :)

    3 months ago (Jan 27 '17 at 17:25)
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    [Manchester United, Canada]
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    The men's team I'm playing with this semester are all Italian Juve fans...guess I have to watch this team occasionally now for banter purposes.

    3 months ago (Jan 28 '17 at 08:50)
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    [Chelsea, Austria]
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    Obligatory Inter Fan comment: "Strengths: Buying refs"

    3 months ago (Jan 29 '17 at 08:52)
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    @JuanMata Yeap, that sound like something an Inter fan would say. XD

    3 months ago (Jan 29 '17 at 13:45)
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    [Juventus, Argentina]
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    There's a lot wrong in the info supplied lol but whatever. Weakness, like emo said, motivation...sometimes the team is lazy. Also, we protect the lead too much, when the better thing to do would be to keep playing and pressing high.

    2 months ago (Jan 29 '17 at 23:28)
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    [Manchester United, Netherlands]
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    How about now guys? Juve has the highest coefficient in UEFA rank and looking sharp.

    1 month ago (Mar 17 '17 at 23:11)
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    @tuan_jinn Well, I guess they could try to score a bit more, considering the player they have upfront, its suprising not to see them score more than 2 goal in certain game where they are playing against team down to 10 men.

    1 month ago (Mar 18 '17 at 01:29)
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    [Inter, Germany]
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    Gonna be a good game for all, contrasting styles. Barca doing all the pressing as usual. There is a beauty in good defending too. Of course I wanna see Barca win, but hats off to Juve. The only team in Serie A that are progressing after last 16. It's a shame though that they absorbed Higuiin and Pjanic and watering down competitiveness! I guess the urge to win at all cost was too strong. Gla Inter remain the only aquad to capture the triple in Serie A history. Was the only thing that put a smile after 6 long years!!. I don't know what I would have done if they won. It just sucks how there is such a lack of guts to try and knock them off the top. One goal down and teams fold in Italy. Anyway hope we get back into CL and have another team apart from Juve every year represent the league.

    Also interesting I read Alves was really unhappy with the way he was treated at Barca and how the let him go. Been really vocal about it. I'm sure he'll be up to prove a point. Then again it will be difficult because his emotion might get in the way. Drogba when he played for Gala against Chelsea didn't even look like he wanted to win. Happy smiles before the game. Which I thought was wrong. Then again he left as a legend and in good terms. I believe Alves was best right back in Barca history so it's understandable why he felt so aggrieved.

    This juve team has incredible depth. It won't be an easy game. Their defense is solid, midfield stacked, dangerous in all areas. I just want to see a good game tbh..

    1 month ago (Mar 18 '17 at 03:40)
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