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Looking for a legit soccer betting tips website. Anyone know any good ones ????
JonathanB1988 2 years ago
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Hey everyone. I am looking for a some legit websites to purchase soccer tips. I know many of you will think why is that necessary but hear me out. If there is a tipster website who can guarantee money back in case of incorrect prediction I loose nothing. Thought might be hard to find one, so thats why I am relying on your help.

Cheers friends!

ashwin1729 2 years ago
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I personally think the knowledge base on this site is better than any betting site you will find out there...

christopherevanS 2 years ago
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@JonathanB1988. Its a tricky one since based on my experience majority of such websites do not guarantee money back. I have seen some which offer you another free tip in case the one you purchased was incorrect, which is kind of nuts in my opinion! Surprisingly, the other day I came across this website : which not only guarantees money back but also gives compensation if their tip is incorrect (25% on top so its 125%). Personally I haven't tried it yet, but I am kind of curious to try it out as they also accept cryptocurrency (bitcoins) so its kind of cool. Will let you know soon if it was worth it mate!

quikzyyy 2 years ago
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it's all scam