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New season begin
carroll090 11 months ago
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The new season that kicks off on Friday night with Arsenal at home to Leicester will be brought to us on the back of an unprecedented level of spending.

This is a Premier League where full backs can cost more than £50m, goalkeepers £30m and the really rare stones, prolific goal scorers, upwards of £70m. This is a Premier League where the manager of the champions can spend £140m on players and think it not enough.

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DarthFooty 11 months ago
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The inflation on players is insane but we as fans help it go up. We buy the jerseys, we go to the games, we watch the games on TV. Natural inflation plus spectator demand = crazy salaries.

The game is more global than ever with technology how it is. It reaches more parts now and thus revenue has grown to boot.

I will always say, NO PLAYER, is worth more than $100 Mil in any sport. I think players should make their extra money on sponsorships and bonus to contract achievements. The salary should be more regulated and the team funds distributed more evenly.

Pay can be structured. For example, you have a first year rookie. He would get XXX amount for a season base. A second year player a bump in base, third another bump. At some point, you cap on base salary, with increases in bonus accomplishments per contract. The flat base will always be there each year, but what can separate players is how they perform, how many games they play, ect... Performance bonus or contract accomplishments.

The last peice is the sponsorships which is more individual player driven between companies and the player.