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Some of the most memorable "Badass" moments
Madridista11 11 months ago
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1- Henry vs Wigan, 05/06

Henry scored a disallowed free kick against Wigan Athletic. After the first attempt hit the back of the net, the ref asked him to re-position the ball. Henry went on to score the second attempt, looked at the ref and said, "Is that enough?"

Couldn't find the full clip, but check his second attempt with the badass line in this video:

2- Arsenal vs Manchester United, 03/04

On September 21st of 2003, Manchester United hosted Arsenal during the first leg of the season. After going undefeated for a month, Arsenal tried to hold their streak against a tough Manchester team. Of course, this game was filled with hostility and intensity, but what happened at the end of the match is why people call this the "Battle of Old Trafford."

Arsenal conceded a controversial penalty in the 90th minute. Ruud Van Nistelrooy stepped up to take the shot, but to his garbage luck hit the bar and the game ended at 0-0. This one missed penalty was enough to strip the gold PL trophy from the Gunners.

... And of course there was an altercation at the end... I really wish the sport was this intense today!

3- Ronaldo vs Jose Mourinho, 13/14

"I coached the real Ronaldo, the Brazilian Ronaldo" - Jose Mourinho during his first press conference after leaving Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho is a genius. Only a few people can claim to beat him in mental warfare.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them

After displaying his respect to Jose in the press conference against Chelsea, saying that one should never spit in the plate that he ate from, he decided to let his game do the talking for him. Ronaldo scored two goals, his first from free kick. Look at his celebration:

He said that this celebration was directed at his own bench, but of course that's a damn lie lool

Emobot7 11 months ago
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That was great from Ronaldo. :P Not so much for Chelsea fan but Mou deserved it a bit. XD

tuan_jinn 11 months ago
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Lol, niceee

KTBFFHSWE 11 months ago
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The passion is real