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Sporting not doing so well.
Emobot7 10 days ago
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So, you might have missed the story about Sporting training center being attacked and some its player being attacked. But you must certainly heard the story about the after effect of this event. Sporting is losing its key player one after another and thats propably because of that event. First, it was Rui Patricio who cancelled his contract, after that it was Bas Dost and now, Gelson Martins, William Carvalho and Bruno Fernandes are all believed to have severed their link with Sporting. Thats an huge and unexpected hit for the club and if it really happen, it will propably be an huge injury to their current ambition and be a great occassion for whoever sign those player since they will come free. Thought?

Croatian 9 days ago
Bayern Munich, Croatia 22 1228

Comes from absolutely insane president Bruno de Carvalho and group of retarded fans. Sad to see something like this happen in any club, but it's their own fault too. They did vote for Bruno de Carvalho to stay, I mean, just google the guy. He is source of all problems in Sporting.

Emobot7 9 days ago
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Sound right, found an article where they call him the "Trump" of football. Speak a lots in itself. :(

SunFlash 9 days ago
Manchester United, USA 15 2820

Let's hope America doesn't roll the same way then :P