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Sunderland fan Bradley Lowery has passed away.
Emobot7 11 months ago Edited
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You might not have heard about Bradley Lowery, a six year old Sunderland fan who was fighting with a rare and debilitating form of cancer. However, he had become a recuring mascot in Sunderland game and had forged a strong bond with striker Jermain Defoe. I wish I could go on and explain as to why I find all this particularly sad but I don't really find the word. :(

Instead, if your interested, take a look at this article which explain in detail Bradley struggle:
And also, this tweet from former Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe:

RIP Bradley Lowery, hope he doesn't feel pain anymore and that he is still smiling. :(

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Emrecan_58 11 months ago
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Yes, I saw just after their parents said yesterday. Man, I cried, didn't know what to do. I don't have any words to be honest. One of the bravest kids in the world has lost the battle. I will always remember that smile and their friendship with Jermain. This is why the so called almighty power does not have any "justice" or "power" in this universe.

quikzyyy 11 months ago
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You can definitely say Defoe really liked the guy, life is unfair sometimes.. RIP