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The English FA and Spain's Refs Committee are Ridiculous
raimondo90 1 year ago
Valencia, Argentina 88 2246

Recently Bacary Sagna has been charged by the FA for misconduct for making a tweet along the lines of "10 vs 12" in their game against Burnley. and Now Gerard Pique faces the same consequences for comments claiming the refs missed obvious penalties against Athletic and Villarreal, going even as far as claiming a conspiracy against them.

This has gotten so stupid that players can no longer criticise Refs without getting punished. Refs often make mistakes and in order to raise their level they need to be held accountable by review committees. And I don't understand their obsession with silencing any player from complaining publicly, its their basic right to do so.

Anyways, I'm done with my little rant; what do you believe should be done, if anything at all.

SunFlash 1 year ago
Manchester United, USA 15 2736

I find the lack of communication between the refs and everyone else to be disconcerting, and leaves too much open to interpretation. Yes, players should respect a ref, but the ref has to be able to explain their actions or otherwise the FA's are just leaving themselves open to things like this. Uncertainty breeds distrust, essentially.

JozeMourinho 1 year ago
Chelsea, Greece 18 1254

Wait did I got it actually correct? Pi...fucking Que is whining about a conspiracy against Barcelona? Has he forgotten his past? What a silly man.

I find them all bold statements because those guys would enjoy a mistake for their side but whine about it when it happens against them. In fewer words that is hypocrisy although raimondo is right, players should not close their mouths if it was not them the greedy FA of each country would be like us not enjoying the endless riches that they get by the players talented legs.

Emobot7 1 year ago
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@Sunflash Ref should be interviewed as well. Would be really interesting, to see his opinion in the after game interview.

quikzyyy 1 year ago
Arsenal 392 6900
  1. Sagna, what was he actually thinking with that tweet? Red card for Fernandinho was 100% deserved & the goal Burnley scored he was protesting heavily because it was "not" over the line. Please let me know when Sagna will have better eyesight than the goal-line technology.
  2. Pique is trying to be "funny troll" on twitter for years, there's nothing new.

In these 2 matches neither of them were in right to say something towards ref.

On the other side these fines are getting ridiculous. I can get that when someone is swearing towards the FA with some ridiculous words but this is getting too far. When you fine the players, why don't you find the referees for the retarded mistakes they are doing? Of course you can't, when these mistakes are fixed before the match already.

tiki_taka 1 year ago
Barcelona, France 329 8596

Yeah Rai i saw that incident In Osasuna - Valencia game and the cheap yellow given for protesting. Also the Iñaki Williams one at Barca game. I just think they try to control players mood and I'm not sure booking them is the solution, unless there are insults.