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unseen comment reply
Pacitano 11 months ago
AS Roma, Italy 1 66

how can I retrieve a comment reply notification which I haven't seen?

JuanMata10 11 months ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696

enter image description here

tuan_jinn 11 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 153 5286

Did JuanMata answer your question?

Or did you also miss some of the comments after doing that? The chance is some comments are in appropriate and deleted, you will still receive notification but can not view the deleted comments anymore

Pacitano 10 months ago
AS Roma, Italy 1 66

actually there was a time when I wanted to check whether any reply to my comment. I saw that red chat symbol and I clicked it. Yes there was a list of comment replies but accidentally I clicked something before I open any of those comment reply notification. then I was brought to a page but I clicked back button directly. Sadly those notifications did no longer exist. :(