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VIDEO: Liga MX Club Necaxa’s bus catches fire while taking players back to hotel
alferroa 8 months ago Edited
Liverpool, Indonesia 63 174

What a terrifying trip back to the hotel.

enter image description here

After the Mexican side Necaxa’s game against Monterrey, Nexaca’s bus had smoke and flames coming out of its back with the players still inside:

Apparently, an electrical malfunction caused this to happen as the bus was forced to pull over in the middle of the road. According to a statement from the club, nobody was hurt in this accident and that the players had to take taxis for the rest of the trip back to the hotel.

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alferroa 8 months ago
Liverpool, Indonesia 63 174


The match between Atlas and Tigres had to be postponed because the screen above the pitch was too low. Yes. You read it right, that was the reason:

Emobot7 8 months ago
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More fear than harm. Thats what important, still must have been a terrible experience.