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VIDEO: Watch Southampton’s unique kit reveal with cartoons that pokes fun at former manager and Liverpool
alferroa 1 year ago
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To reveal their new 2017/2018 kits, Southampton created a cartoon series for their #MadeForHeroes campaign.

enter image description here

In the first episode, Ryan Bertrand is shown to be at a Southampton secret training facility with several of his teammates, one of which shows Maya Yoshida in a simulator where Liverpool players are shown to be offside. However, suddenly, their new kit design has been stolen and Bertrand thinks he knows who did it:

Then in episode two, the villain is introduced, and he looks strikingly similar to Ronald Koeman, the former manager of Southampton (blond hair and possibly a Dutch accent). He leads a gang of “villains” from London, old rival Portsmouth (with a small badge and cobweb all over it), Milan and of course… Liverpool, arch nemesis and prime “thief” of Southampton’s players. They discuss how the stolen device has Soton’s full information on tactics, transfer, and others (which I find very funny).

Then, heroically, Gabbiadini, Yoshida, Forster, and Bertrand come to save the day by defeating Koeman’s forces, then the players kick Koeman into the lava pit. After this, the players are back at the facility and reveals the kit:

Good job Soton’s marketing team! I find this to be very interesting and entertaining (even as an LFC fan!). Here’s the real full (not cartoon) kit:

enter image description here

iHEARTfootball 1 year ago
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Getting back for the classics I see....beautiful home kit.

nigelpayne 1 year ago
Manchester United, England 15 484

dont like the red one and the greens 1 but the other is very nice

Lacoste 1 year ago
Liverpool, England 3 109

Pretty amazing way to launch a new kit!