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Which style of football would you like to see come back?
Bestiainmunda 10 months ago
Real Madrid, Peru 2 69

There are many ways to play the beautiful game, many of which have lived and gone with time. Sports Science, Money in the game, and the plain extinction of a school are just some of the factors that have made the game go through time.

However, if you could bring back a style of play that you like or one that you personally believe is the most effective way of playing football, which one would it be and what modern team and manager would you like to see display it.

Yohan Cruyff's total football in the 70s? Leicester city's long ball football in 2015/16? Inter's original catenaccio? Hungary's WM formation?
Whats your pick?

raimondo90 10 months ago
Valencia, Argentina 88 2251

Where players played like men and didn't fall or exaggerate at every single contact. Diving, acting, cheating all have to go.

I do miss the old 4-1-2-1-2 formation.

iHEARTfootball 10 months ago
Manchester United 29 326

I kind of want to see the classic 4-4-2 formation in action again, where football use to be less tactical and game results were purely based on brute strength and technique.

OnceABlueAlwaysABlue 10 months ago
Chelsea, England 4 197

Would love to see Hungary's WM formation in action again... would need a daring manager though to try it!

SunFlash 10 months ago
Manchester United, USA 15 2746

A good hacking CDM would get my rocks off.

nigelpayne 10 months ago
Manchester United, England 15 484

Late comebacks anyday...when the team is 2 nil down at half time and they completely destroy opposition in the second half with constant attacking pressure an win 3-2 late on...basically want fergie time back

tuan_jinn 2 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 161 5549

The Roma under Capello: 3 - 4 - 1 - 2 and a swift change during the game to 4 - 3 - 1 - 2 was a pleasure to watch.