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Selfish teammates hindering Roberto Soldado?
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    [Real Madrid, Germany]
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    Let's put out the facts nice and simple here.

    Roberto Soldado was bought from Valencia for 26 M Pounds. At Valencia, in his last season there, he averaged 2.9 shots per game (the most out of the entire squad), and he scored 24 goals in La Liga, 2 in the Copa del Rey, and 4 in the Champions League, giving him a total of 30 goals in 46 appearances. A great record for a striker.

    But now, at Spurs, he has scored 4 goals in 11 games in the EPL (in total he has 6 goals in 12 games), a measly mark compared to his previous record. At first sight, it seems to be that he struggles to adapt to the new country and game, but that is not the case here.

    Soldado is a pure-bred poacher. His ONLY mindset is to put the ball in the back of the net. But how does he do this? He positions himself fantastically to receive through balls and passes, and hammers it into the back of the net.

    So why would I say that his teammates are hindering his progress? Well, it is because quite a few players in the Spurs starting XI prefer to have a go at goal rather than laying off an assist. Here are some stats.

    Shots per Game

    Townsend - 4.5
    Paulinho - 3.3
    Soldado - 2.4
    Chadli - 2.3
    Sigurdsson - 2.3

    As the striker, Roberto Soldado has half the strike attempts as Andros Townsend, the man who is supposed to GIVE the ball to Soldado. As a winger, Townsend's main objective should be to put the ball back into the box, NOT cutting in and shooting. Even Paulinho, as a CM, prefers to have a long-shot at goal (1 goal from 36 shots) rather than a simple pass (he averages 1.3 key passes a game). And their contribution to Tottenham's goal tally? 2 goals in 81 shots combined.

    Soldado isn't the type of player who will create his own scoring opportunities. He averages 0.3 dribbles a game (compare that to Suarez's 3.3 dribbles a game and 8 goals in 6 Premier League games). Considering the fact that Andros Townsend has completed 33 more dribbles than Cristiano Ronaldo, one would expect him to ease past defenders and put the ball into open space for Soldado to tap in. But unfortunately, Townsend's willingness to shoot is hindering Soldado's progress, and the progress of Tottenham Hotspurs as a whole.

    If Spurs really want Soldado to be their 20-30 goal man, his teammates need to step UP. Soldado can only do so much. When he gets a chance, he takes it. What the rest of the Spurs squad have to do is be more like Christian Eriksen and LOOK for Soldado. THEN, it will be money well spent.
    5 months, 15 days ago
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    [Barcelona, England]
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    Wow, very interesting. I think Townsend need to stop shooting at goal then and start feeding the balls (xD) to Soldado who will make a bigger impact in game.
    5 months, 15 days ago
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    [Manchester United, Germany]
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    Lol ramaboy, that was what the entire post was about.
    5 months, 15 days ago
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    [Manchester United, England]
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    Soldado is a good player. But I think Defoe is better
    5 months, 14 days ago
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    [Barcelona, France]
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    Towsend average shot is too much for a winger, and only one goal ? He really should stop shooting.
    5 months, 14 days ago
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    [Tottenham Hotspur, England]
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    It's all true, Dynast. Sadly, a lot of Tottenham fans (on the internet, at least) actually blame Soldado. :( The problem, essentially, is Townsend, not Paulinho. He thinks he's Gareth Bale, except he's not. In fact, it's. Not just Townsend's shooting which is holding us back, but the fact that he's on the right wing to begin with. He's so mind-numbingly predictable, there, where he ALWAYS cuts inside, instead of getting in a cross or a cut-back into the box. If he plays at all, it should be on the left until he learns what a winger is supposed to actually do. Soldado himself has been quite excellent, honestly, and his link-up play has been great. I don't blame him in the slightest. AVB has to take some responsibility for this, too, for continuing to stick with an inverted winger system that is NOT working for us, when we have the perfect tools for a traditional winger system instead. Believe me, it's starting to really piss us off...
    5 months, 14 days ago
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