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Le Mix
Is Kane The BEST Striker In The World?!
dariobenitez 12 months ago
Independiente, Argentina 0 1
why Messi didnt appear here? 11 goal in 7 games.. I think because ir Argentino..
Thas is wron!
Lacoste 12 months ago
Liverpool, England 4 162
LOL what does a nation have to do with anything? Why create a conflict for a reason you don't even know. Stop assuming stuff ... jeeezzz
milanlamiavita 12 months ago
AC Milan, Italy 0 1801
Messi is in the world of his own, my friend. Kane couldn't even clean his boots.
_Pelle_ 12 months ago
Paris Saint Germain 47 4548
Messi isnt a pure striker
Madacity 12 months ago
Manchester City, England 0 88
i am sure if the ballondor was about the player and his goals..etc. and not about what he has won kane and neymar would have won it
milanlamiavita 12 months ago
AC Milan, Italy 0 1801
Europe's top goalscorers for the season 16/17 are as follows: Messi 37 goals, Cavani 35 goals, Bas Dost 34 goals, Aubameyang 31, Lewandowski 30 and then Kane on 29. That is 5 european strikers who scored more than Kane to be eligible for the upcoming Ballon d'or!
firasb 12 months ago
Chelsea 0 209
Thank you milanlamiavita....I don't like people hyping someone like that..let him be the top scored for lets say 2-3 year constants and different teams..then he will be one of the top..messi has been doing this for 10 years...Kane is one of the best strikers don't get me wrong but still..
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