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Messi's Free Kicks Evolution in FIFA
Rifi331 1 year ago
Chelsea, Indonesia 0 47
not even a single jumping wall??
yusufhad 1 year ago Edited
Manchester United 0 116
caballero seems just broke his left shoulder. Oh, FIFA.
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cabalerro seems just broke his left shoulder. Oh, FIFA.
ESmith 1 year ago
Manchester United, England 0 16
noksky 1 year ago
0 63
GG Keeper on the last clip, trying to save the ball with his left hand instead of the right. It's probably too hard to get it right. And GG EA for coding in the home crowd celebrations when Messi's scores against City at the Etihad... Kindergarten EA.
fifarulzftbl 1 year ago
Manchester United, Germany 0 58
Actually if you look properly the City fans don't celebrate after the goal. They put their hands on their head, which is a natural reaction to shock, in case you didn't know.
Also, it would be easier for the keeper to reach the ball with his left hand as he is diving towards his right and the ball is above his head height. Try diving on your right while trying to reach something above your head with your right hand.
Please pay attention before you bash someone (:
ForcaCataluna 1 year ago
Barcelona, Argentina 2 397
when the camera focuses at Pep, the City fans clearly were celebrating at something that Pep wasnt happy about. ooh?
noksky 1 year ago
0 63
Fifarulzftbl have a look at the screenshot below. You tell me if that's normal. And the last clip, the whole of the Etihad rise together after Messi's goal. Home crowds dont jump out of their seats when an away team scores. Sorry bro.
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