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      Tsulex 1 year ago
      Chelsea, Georgia 0 63
      Fuck you JUDA
      mfharis 1 year ago
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      All of a sudden the best manager on the planet becomes the most pathetic manager ... Footyroom is full of chelsea fan boys who supported all cocky attitudes of Mourinho while he was at Chelsea and now... wow! great going Chelsea fans *Thumbs down*
      Morrizen 1 year ago
      Chelsea, Mexico 4 679
      No, i think he meant he likes 3 fingers up his ass... Pathetic loser...
      Lambo91 1 year ago
      Juventus, Italy 0 1975
      He does have a point. He gave Chelsea a title since 2004-2007 that's 4 titles. Until someone can beat that in Chelsea then they can call him #2 but he the #1 Chelsea manager for accomplishing those 4 titles for Chelsea.
      Morrizen 1 year ago
      Chelsea, Mexico 4 679
      Mourinho destroyed his legacy at Chelsea, not by going to united, but by the way he behaved when at Chelsea and after. He is the most pathetic manager in the world of football and we owe our success to abramovich, not that pathetic loser. Blue power !
      Gaucho10 1 year ago
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      @Morrizen finally sb who knows that there club relevance is due to a russian millionaire.
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