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      Footy_watch 12 days ago
      Arsenal, Brazil 0 223
      Neymar is the best player for me
      sandrito 12 days ago
      Juventus, Italy 1 307
      Typical neymar can't play against real professional players so he plays against French farmers now reality television people
      Matarruano 12 days ago
      Cova da Piedade, Portugal 0 49
      Hahaha That really made me laugh, french farmers haha
      Matarruano 12 days ago
      Cova da Piedade, Portugal 0 49
      I love liberal comedians, "Soccer (lol soccer) is obviously a latin sport, we need to put the most possible mexican guy we can find in this sketch to play as the goalkeeper"
      Hardcore Hypocrisy, typical...
      BlaugranaDude 11 days ago
      Barcelona, Argentina 0 239
      Why are you getting butthurt? I don't get what you're saying at all. I don't watch Kimmel but I know that Mexican guy has WORKED in that show for YEARS. They didn't just get him from somewhere or looked for "the most possible mexican guy we could find" just so they could do some dumb skit if that's what you're thinking.
      fuckmybeard 10 days ago
      Arsenal, Mexico 0 201
      dude that guy's been on the show he probably was the employee that liked neymar the most, what's the prob?
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