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Rodriguez Signs For Bayern Munich!
pedrito 10 months ago
Chelsea FC, England 0 220
Rodriguez is a flop . Only reason why he has such a big name and price is because he scored that volley against Uruguay in World Cup 2014. Real Madrid got shegged paying 60millions for him HAHHAHAHAHA
suspender 10 months ago
Freiburg, Germany 0 21
his stats are pretty dope tho ... + not everyone paying millions of dollars/euros/pounds for a player, pays that price because of talent or whatsoever, real madrid expected pretty decent sales in latin america as he is an iconic advertising figure. and it worked. still james is a decent player and ancelotti knows what to expect and how to use that new tool in his little toolbox called Bayern Munich
dogerino 10 months ago
Real Madrid, Wales 0 76
He is not a flop. He might have a bit of problem during his second season, but he has been playing decently on his first and third season. The only reason Madrid let him go is that his playing style does not really fit into Madrid's current XI. Nonetheless he is still a good player and I believe going to Bayern is a win-win situation for everybody. A player of James' caliber should not stay on the bench for too long
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