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Rodriguez to Cost United £42 Million?!
hadamz 1 year ago
AC Milan, Italy 0 108
James is a good player no doubt but he's not built for premiership cos he's a bit slow and fragile. He is not the right player for United cos he's just like a Mata replica and u dont want two Mata in a Mou team. United need Midfielders that are rugged, fast, strong and creative. I would prefer an Isco ahead of James. All united need now is a top striker like Griezman or sanchez, one attacking midfielder, one left back and one reliable central defender. Players out Rooney, Damian, Ashley Young, Jones (cos of injuries) and Zlatan (to create room for future or should only be good as back up if he must stay).
LFCagain 1 year ago
Liverpool, United States 0 9
one more career wasted.
nigelpayne 1 year ago
Manchester United, England 15 484
he's only 25 so he has plenty of time to rejuvenate his career once at united
United_Hates_Blues 1 year ago
Manchester United, England 12 920
Like Suarez at the pool? Y'all stumbled to help him.and he gave y'all his best. Don't even talk about Steve G not even one pl title and you want to talk about wasted talent???? Get your head out your cTyt boy.
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