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  • Game Played on 19th October, 2011
  • Kick Off at 19:45 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 0:1
There are 41 fans of Marseille and 4442 fans of Arsenal on FootyRoom
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  • Marseille
    • Arsenal
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Marseille vs Arsenal
      Team Performance
      Top Comments
      [Arsenal, England]
      Where are my beloved Arsenal haters? Where is the little f@ggot Van Der Adebayor? Haha. Suck on it! Win for the Gunners! 1 nil, to the Arsenal!
      • +6
      [Arsenal, Germany]
      Balls to you! We passed and kept the ball better than our opponents, and we should have had a penalty ourselves but we didn't appeal for it. GO home and cry now...and I know you were watching the match scared of us...I hope that last minute goal slapped you hard!
      • +5
      [Arsenal, Germany]
      @Scholes_legendary read ladochoos' comment...that pretty much sums everything up about you...
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      [Arsenal, Netherlands]
      Gunners for life
      [Arsenal, Egypt]
      Go Gunners Go ... We are all behind you 4m All over the world.
      [Arsenal, England]
      You see Scholes legendary. Nobody likes you, so get lost!
      RVP the flying dutchman
      @ scholes legendary and van der adebayor: you guys can suck on your cocks , oh yeah you have vaginas so suck on those instead , dont compare your teams to us , we won fair n square 3 points gained so shut up and van der pussy:spurs cant do better in a million years so piss off!!!
      [Manchester United]
      @Scholes_legendary Do us all a favor and just stop with all this's because of ppl like you that everyone keeps hating on our club in the first place...we've got the glory and give some respect...
      [Arsenal, England]
      Lol @ Scholes legendary. When we lose, he sl@gs us off, when we win he sl@gs us off even more. He does the same to most teams in the EPL. Quit letting jealousy get the better of you, and get a life you stupid chav no one likes you!
      [Arsenal, England]
      Beilliant win for us! All the haters can shut up now!
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      • -6
      [Man United, England]
      @SuperRobinVanPersie....your such an idiout I aint a chav....your so thick you dont even no what one looks your a goth for f.uck sake......what do you know shouldnt you be applying your mums black lipstick and mascarra you prick.
      • +5
      [Arsenal, Germany]
      @Scholes_legendary read ladochoos' comment...that pretty much sums everything up about you...
      • +4
      [Arsenal, England]
      I know a chav when i see one, dickhead. You calling me thick? How ironic! Judging by what you look like, you look like a chav and a faggot with one of those stupid gangsta accents, and you cant even spell properly! You need to get back to school and take more English lessions thick prick!
      • +2
      [Manchester City, Iraq]
      @Scholes legendary , i like stupid man utd fans like u.. u know why?? thats because u are stupid indeed plz dont ashame ur self go kiss ur glory united a-ss cuz ur a-ss is gonna get beaten tonight very hard..
      • 0
      [FC Bayern ; Arsenal]
      @scholes.. u r so black that i can rub u on my shoes! gorilla fucker!
      good to c you back Gunners!!!
      • +2
      [Manchester City, Iraq]
      Champ19ns. 8-2 buddy..thats all i wanna go n hide thats what you said at the Otelul Galati 0-2 man united video... dont act so innocent
      • 0
      @SergioAguero i love you guy!don't hate me anymore. this is just a game. lets be friend!
      • -2
      Van Der Adebayor
      actually i'm still loving gunners!! but i can't take this anymore why i left gunners for man city before?bcoz' of money. But now i'm realize i'm being top player bcoz' of Gunners.Sorry to you guys @koldimere and @GunnerAFC i don't mean to hurt you guy. Gunners are team joy to watch. i love you gunners!!
      • 0
      lol man city is so fucked up! why don't you guys grow some talent cunts!
      [Barcelona, Brazil]
      arsenal !!!
      lol..idk bout u guys but i think tat SONG is awesome..n im waiting fr mertesacker to score with his header..haha..come on gunners
      Gunners wil always b gunnin till the last GO ARSENAL.
      Is it me or does the football hit Jenkinson on the top of leg? Merseille is a team built on footballing rejects. I cant stand Andy Townsend.
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