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  • Game Played on 15th March, 2012
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Manchester City vs Sporting CP
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Top Comments
  • +16
[Manchester United, Brazil]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 31
As a United fan I dislike City with a passion. BUT: one must admit that they fought HARD today, and those men should be damn proud.
  • +10
[Napoli, Italy]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 0
mancini has to go now, they lost against swansea and and then got knocked out of another cup, they should really sack him now
  • +6
[Barcelona, Spain]
Posts: 1 | Comments: 6
Well, Sporting deserve that
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  • 0
[Chelsea, Indonesia]
Posts: 21 | Comments: 323
What a pity away goal !
  • -1
That is some awesome penalty by balotelli
  • 0
man u and man c fall xD
  • +2
[Manchester United, England]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 0
Just imagine if Joe Hart scored that header...He would probably be England Captain.
  • -4
MU.. should sack SAF now .
  • +2
City need badly Tevez love 2 wait he come back
  • +1
Jack Lunn
You cannot be serious saying Mancini must be sacked because they have lost 2 games?? wow..
  • +3
we can win BPL !!
  • 0
Aks Neervan
I feel bad for joe hart at the last minute
  • +1
i m dun think Mancini will been sack. He make man c got this result, if not man c just a noob team.
  • +2
[Liverpool, United States]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 1
I have never seen City play with so much heart. It was a wonderful game
  • +1
You english guys said the the EPL was the best. Really ? LaLiga 7th place ABilbao schooled EPL 1st place ManU. ManCity was knocked out by a portugese team. I guess it was because of diving, acting and the referees right ? Go f..yourselves
  • +4
Stop the crying about it! Face that SPORTING was better, even with the help of the referee you didn't won. SPORTING deserved to be in the next Round! I see here, comments about Spanish league and English league. Who played today? A Portuguese league Clube and a English league Clube, so i don't get it. Who won the latest EUROPA LEAGUE? 2 PORTUGUESE TEAMS (PORTO AND BRAGA) were in the final and Porto won! All you see is yourselfs, you don't give credit to PORTUGUESE TEAMS that actually are VERY GOOD with LESS MONEY! The world of football isn't just spain and england, PORTUGAL has his own space in the world of football! Who formed players as FIGO, C.RONALDO,NANI,SIMÃO,QUARESMA,FUTRE and others?! SPORTING CLUBE DE PORTUGAL! So stop loking just at yourselfs, let go of the mirror...and all the blaa blaa Cheers
  • +4
[Benfica, Portugal]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 40
Portuguese clubs 'r underrated indeed.
  • -1
They can't even win in UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE... the loser tournament!! hahahah ;P
  • -1
DAmn!!! Well we couldnt let United have all the spotlight from get knock out of Europe...But we didnt get our butt whip...*shrugs*
  • +2
what the f..uck are u saying
  • +1
Mansour has wanted to build a toy, but if he does not win in four or five years, maybe he leaves. Maybe after investing so much, if something does not start winning immediately, he will draw the curtains and go somewhere else and buy another toy.
  • +2
The two Manchester teams on a garbage could not handle the Europa League in England are the better laugh is Chelsea
  • 0
The two Manchester teams on a garbage could not give the Europa League in England laughter is the best
  • 0
games from la copa liberadores should be shown in here!! its like the champioins league of latin america... please watch the flamengo (brasil) vs olimpia (paraguay) game from yesterday
  • +1
if mancici has to be sacked is our sir alex!! im frustrated!! knocked out of each cup..terrible..
  • 0
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