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Real Madrid vs Manchester City
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fernandotorres 6 years ago
Benzema truly shows why he deserves a starting place ahead of Higuain. Good control of the ball, nice turn and what a piledriver!! Cristiano Ronaldo with the winner! Hopefully that ought to make him more 'happier' at the Santiago Bernaneu. I think Ozil and Modric changed the fluid of Madrid's midfield. Very great job to Manchester City, they almost got the win! Kolarav typical free kick, once the ball was at position, I knew he was going to attempt on a goal instead of a cross. TOP NOTCH GAME, BOTH MADRID AND MCITY SHOWED THE WORLD THEY ARE 2 OF THE BESTS IN THE WORLD !!
awais007 6 years ago
Chelsea, Pakistan 177 920
Epic Match!! Thanks God Ronaldo is happy !!! Spanish champions shocked English champions
naman93 6 years ago
Real Madrid 82 859
I loved the way Marcelo was used by Mourinho in the game !
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Fred 2 years ago
Go man city go Aguero
Fred 2 years ago
Man city is the best Real Madrid sucks bull shit
Joel 5 years ago
manchester united now lead in the elite enilsgh league 4 points in front of arsenal, 8 in front of man shitty and a magnificent 13 in front of chelsea that 19th titles a calling united fans!:) but i must say that rooney goal was simply sublime football has never seen a goal like it before so uefa rank it greatest goal ever scored and rightly so! united now set to emulate the immortals of 1999 by winning another elite enilsgh treble! no wonder uefa rank us top of europe with standards this high!
Obk5808 5 years ago
Manchester United, England 0 0
Life is good when seeing man city losing their games.
triniballer 6 years ago
u gotta love jose mourinho's celebrations lmaaoo
Delvia 6 years ago
Mourinho's reaction at the end is awesome. Love that coach
sasa 6 years ago
pukai sakai \]
sasa 6 years ago
ronaldo cibai
coolguy 6 years ago
its all about luck!! formation not so good, starting line up must change
ebamma 6 years ago
gunners 4 life,we dont spend what we don't have and we don't buy trophies like man city did with arab money.
fursecu 6 years ago
Arsenal,Barcelona,Steaua Bucuresti, Romania 0 0
we make arab money!
horatio 6 years ago
RealMadrid is doing bad in LaLiga right now, but still beats the EPL champions. ManCity has absolutely no style. Pathetic.
Vedran Gerc 6 years ago
Man City is only a champion in England ONLY.
paul 6 years ago
ha ha ha ha bye bye man
udikman 6 years ago
Chelsea, Indonesia 21 323
Fatal Subtitution _--> MaiconZabaleta
Sabiol 6 years ago
Argentina 0 527
cristiano owns maicon throughout the match...
t doe 6 years ago
city should had stoped attacking and build on a deffencive play
usaiyu Maiayafe 6 years ago
Hala Madrid
kaka diehard 6 years ago
ronaldo such a selfish shit.....!!!
arschel 6 years ago
savic & milner were better than garcia & majastic! what a waste of money mancini. u only got defeated by your own tactic
chel_forever 6 years ago
Justin beiber became popular in short spell of time.No body likes him,not because he is not good.But all are stunned that how he became so popular in short spell of time. That's called jealousy. Being a chelsea fan i would like to tell that city are certainly growing up and becoming powerhouse of europe there is no question about that.What other clubs gained that is thier past.They should be strong in present.One can't judge a club by thier past achievements.
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