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Spain vs Finland
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Top Comments
benido 5 years ago
valdez is the MOST OVERATTED goalkeeper in the history of football!
NExhi 5 years ago
Yeah, right, blame it on Valdes...If you cant score two goals against Finland then it was something wrong with you(other 10 players), its not Valdes fault.. 
davb 5 years ago
i think, de gea is better than valdes.
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danish 5 years ago
fr me delbosque should call torres back because he performs very well in spain its jst chelsea where his bad luck begins :O
Highbury 5 years ago
Arsenal, England 2 40
valdes is way overrated. Spain need to used David De Gea instead of valdes in Casillas's absence.
Xpose2cold 5 years ago
Chelsea, England & Nigeria 0 729
I'm happy cuz I feel Finland is good and would give Spain a fight. Pukki. If I tell some people that Pukki has scored, they'll think that Bukky has scored LOL
Michael 5 years ago
I don't get why Spain won't play Soldado, he's a good striker
light 5 years ago
where michu??
barcaboy10 5 years ago
Barcelona, Canada 0 59
after his mistake against RM at the beginning of the season valdes is just not his normal self :/
billywalendom 5 years ago
21 182
I love it how finland didn't Overreact after that goal. Usually, smaller teams that play against barcelona, madrid, spain, etc. celebrate a goal as if they won the world cup
jmm 5 years ago
Valdes does not deserve to be in the national team, and it's not because of this match
FelixKrimm 5 years ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 26 172
ramos is stupid and silva is awesome
danish 5 years ago
u are a gay and other are men :P 
MadridSensation 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Spain 0 17
hmmm ... valdes only problem is that hes reaction is so slow, hes a not a bad keeper, but put your self in his shoe. Everyone is blaming him for everything, the goals, the mistakes, I believe that if he got the cheering he need he can do better, And clearely it was the RB mistake for even letting the cross over. Casialls won't last forever, the team we wittiness now will vanish after 2014 world cup. Cmon spain VAMOS VAMOS. La Furia Roja! (We can do it against france, because were the team that amazed the world, Spain <3) 
zack 5 years ago
dont forget they still have de gea man!
ok 5 years ago
De Bosque should've called up Torres. Now it can be seen a negative result due to have no one can play in front side better than Torres. Even if nowadays he hasn't been playing as good as how he used to play, he is still way better than Negrado or Pedro. Hope Spain will qualify to World Cup, but De Bosque definitely should call up Torres, if he is really intending to bring Spain to the biggest achievement.  
FAYSAL; 5 years ago
That will mean a lost for spain.not even draw. Torres is useless.
nigger 5 years ago
Reading, Nigeria 1 2
im black
dark 5 years ago
I thought u was
ashraf 5 years ago
finland getting a draw in spain....tastes like a win!if Casillas was the goalkeeper and conceded the same goal, people would say it isnt his fault, he can do little about it...well, it is the same with valdez...point is ;although casillas is better than valdez but the goal was so hard on the goalkeeper, should have been stopped by defense,mainly right wing defender...
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manutdchaaamp 5 years ago
Mata flop, torres flop.mediocre
samson 5 years ago
Dont worry spain are only in first gear 
Deki Smokton 5 years ago
Precisely my friend. France is already two gears ahead and would be happy with a draw...which will force Spain to take more risks to break a decent French defense... and expose itself to a stronger midfield–attack that Finland's... See where I'm getting?Let's not forget either that France should have won 1-2 in Spain had the ref not refused Menez a valid goal for an imaginary off-side ; )Spain is stronger on paper but France's got potential in a favorable situation right now
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HAHA 5 years ago
Vagina just score the goal. Only the smartest people know what im saying
cock 5 years ago
r u malaysian??? puki=pantat=cipap=vagina=pussy
Naybrah 5 years ago
82% possession for spain. pfft its not effective if you just pass the ball around and take a shot every 10 minutes. great job for finland. 1 attempt 1 goal. now thats efficiency. They also add a half chance near the end and could have won too. great result for finns tho. great boost of motivation for them
YES I+DID 5 years ago
shade 5 years ago
ur a loser keep ur mouth shut
AS 5 years ago
Why is everyone blaming Valdes? Yeah, Finland had only one shot at goal but the goal was in no way Valdes's fault. That cross was perfect and the defenders should have dealt with Pukki's run. It was impossible for Valdes to get to that. People only blame him because his reputation.
fgb 5 years ago
yes it was that was the first post, the keepers are supposed to block the first post and valdes just ran knowing he couldnt get the ball, even if it hadnt been his fault, its daldes its always his fault
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