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Aston Villa
  • Game Played on 23rd December, 2012
  • Kick Off at 16:12 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 3:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 8:0
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  • Chelsea
  • Goals
  • Torres (3')
  • Luiz (29')
  • Ivanovic (34')
  • Lampard (59')
  • Ramires (75')
  • Oscar (79')
  • Hazard (83')
  • Piazon (90')
  • Ramires (90')
    • Aston Villa
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Chelsea vs Aston Villa
      Team Performance
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      • +142
      I'm so confused about Man of the match, everyone was superb! What a goal from Hazard! Torres, Lampard & D.Luiz! and and and.. everyone played from all of their heart today a super match and absolutely Top Class! Merry Christmas everybody! :) and Thanks Rafa for proving my point about playing D.Luiz as a CDM FINALLY! I'm so happy with our Starting 11 Selection Top Class! Oh God! and Piazon got the chance to play finally and what a pass to Ramires! KTBFFH!
      • +92
      Footyroom must upload the whole match I would watch it again THE WHOLE MATCH WAS AMAZING! WHAT AN ENJOYABLE FOOTBALL TO WATCH! Thanks for making our Christmas So Wonderful!
      • +19
      ‎8 goals scored. ✔ Clean sheet. ✔ No red cards. ✔ No yellow cards. ✔ Solid defending. ✔ Brilliant midfield. ✔ In form striker. ✔ Top performance. ✔ Team work. ✔ Passion. ✔ Effort. ✔ CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB. ♥
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      • +1
      [Chelsea FC]
      Posts: 125 | Comments: 3038
      Looking back three years ago, you have to wonder if Lucas' career would have taken a different path had he scored that penalty.
      • +1
      [Chelsea, Belgium]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 72
      Finally found it
      • +1
      [Chelsea, Poland]
      Posts: 18 | Comments: 160
      nice game by chelsea :)
      • +2
      Aiman Torres
      Goals Torres (3') Luiz (29') Ivanovic (34') Lampard (59') Ramires (75') Oscar (79') Hazard (83') Piazon (90') Ramires (90')
      • 0
      thanks for pointing that out captain obvious.
      • 0
      + piazon didn't score -.-
      • 0
      CH3LS3A FC
      What a class play by Chelsea
      • 0
      piazon assisted
      • 0
      WOW, close match, I thought Aston Villa was going to win!!!
      • +1
      Benitez for manager of the month?
      • +4
      although im an united fan i want to say something to the other united fans..stop commenting on others club's games, we also don't like it when they comment on our videos
      • +2
      [Chelsea, England & Nigeria]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 650
      WOW. This is just world class football from Chelsea. World class football. Fernando Torres is scoring again and he is showboating with skills. A bullet of a free-kick from David Luiz. Piazon is making himself useful in the squad. Ivanovic's headed goal was like a striker. Lampard's goal was just top class, scored like a Spanish player. Ramires Brazilian two goals. Oscar's penalty was like a man. Everything about Chelsea in this match was just excellent, excellent, excellent. Christmas present :D
      • 0
      Man Shit star united
      • 0
      simply outstanding!!!!!
      • 0
      Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea
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      • -11
      succks succks succks succks succks succks succks succks succks succks
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      • -11
      Chelsea isnt good, only villa its stupid...
      • 0
      [Chelsea, Indonesia]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 41
      we don't wait for a 'comeback' and our defense is good
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      • -14
      Worst keeper EVER ! if he saved more than 20 . i think chelsea will lose in this match .. SAD :(
      • +2
      sad united fan
      • +6
      If only Piazon had scored that penalty...
      • +3
      [Chelsea, Brazil]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 0
      Last few games our performance is much better. I think the key is Super Lampard!
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      • -14
      No, the key is referee
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      • -12
      the real key is Liverpool agents . said Chelshitt fans :)
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      • -6
      find the SPURS ; nicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicespursnicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicen. find and get 1 dollar
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      • -6
      Tottenham find the SPURS ; nicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenice>spurs<nicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicespursnicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicen. find and get 1 dollar now send my dollar
      • 0
      got it , NICE .. now where is my money ?
      • -3
      fk u chelsea. just kidding, i want all of ur players plzzz
      • -3
      spurs players are sh.IT. especially defoe. daniel sturrige is king. torres is queen.
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      • -6
      Torres is gay Fucksperm
      • +4
      Do you know what I really hate? Fcked up ManU fans
      • +2
      what a beautiful game that was <33 , david luiz top class freekick maybe next cr7 with those knuckle balls and hazard too deadly of skill also ramires good finishing , piazon good passing to ramires and the rest but unlucky he missed his penalty for first chelsea goal ! , mata good passing to the assisters oscar also. very good starting line . chelsea <3
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      • -8
      [Manchester United, England]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 8
      one day euforia.. typical mediocre team
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