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Manchester City
  • Game Played on 26th December, 2012
  • Kick Off at 15:12 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 0:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 1:0
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  • Sunderland
  • Goals
  • Johnson (53')
  • Cards
  • Colback (41')
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  • Manchester City
  • Cards
  • Kompany (43')
  • Touré (45')
  • Nastasic (58')
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • Second yellow resulting in red
  • Goal
  • Goal from penalty
  • Missed penalty
  • Own goal
  • Assist
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Sunderland vs Manchester City
Team Performance
Top Comments
  • +102
Adam Johnson just killed his former team :P
  • +96
  • +10
win a trophy first and then brag.. otherwise u are the troll.
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[Chelsea, Indonesia]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 8
why man-utd fans spoil every comment? --a really no respect to other team... like barbarians..
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[Manchester United]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 0
you even draw with liverpool, hahahaha
  • 0
Johnson and Fletcher seem to be two cracking players like. Was Johnson MOTM?
  • 0
7 seven 7 he he he Glory United
  • 0
Fock mancini sack him like abrahmovic does... seems like the players are loosing interest to play. Every time i watch thier game they play like lazy shits.. Where is the thing named as tempo in the game. Every time slowing the game doesn't favours you. Look how benitez has transformed chelsea...
  • +3
[Manchester United]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 72
poor city, amazing a. johnson
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[Manchester United, England]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 8
  • 0
agung tryono
city is shit
  • -2
try for champion
  • -1
pls,try for champion
  • +3
hahaha Funny $hitt . Forget about tittle this season . Focus on how to use oil in cooking !
  • +5
AT LAST !! Manchester has been found , It used to be a lost CITY..
  • +1
Rooney the Boss
Wow!!!a breathless goal by the former MANCHESTER CITY PLAYER.ADAM JOHNSON is just too good.This defeat permit us to go further just like chelsea when they were defeated by MAN UTD.
  • +1
[AFC Wimbledon]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 22
Man City just can't win away at Sunderland
  • +1
[Assyriska FF, Brazil]
Posts: 35 | Comments: 945
Mancini is a terrible coach with the resources he possesses.
  • +2
Mancini, your position is shaking. Buy CRonaldo if your boss is willing to pay that huge amount of transfer fee+salary. But, CRanaldo may not want to join ManCity.
  • -1
[Chelsea, Brazil]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 3
they were booing at him when he came for a visit during the UCL match.
  • 0
I don't know...but i got a feeling Fergie will get Adam and release nani. Just a feeling but anyways, joe hart did his best but the ball was moving crazily in the air. Well done sunderland,
  • 0
I don't usually do this.....but i can say KARMA!!! Add salt to wound please. ADAM!
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[Manchester United, Spain]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 43
keep talking... if not because of the reff in previous match, united could beat u more than 3 goals... dont insult others... just focus on ure team mate... i know cityis a good team but as a rival i did enjoy they sunderland win...
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  • -7
Posts: 2 | Comments: 13
I don't know why Manshit Utd is trolling here.. Oh wait now i know Manshity Beat Manshit Utd 6-1 that's why hahaha
  • +10
win a trophy first and then brag.. otherwise u are the troll.
  • 0
fuck ur ass u arsenals dog. hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa gay
  • +1
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