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  • Game Played on 30th December, 2012
  • Kick Off at 13:12 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:1
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 1:2
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  • Everton
  • Goals
  • Pienaar (2')
  • Cards
  • Pienaar (64')
  • Distin (73')
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  • Chelsea
  • Goals
  • Lampard (42')
  • Lampard (72')
  • Cards
  • Cahill (48')
  • Luiz (70')
  • Cole (86')
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • Second yellow resulting in red
  • Goal
  • Goal from penalty
  • Missed penalty
  • Own goal
  • Assist
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Everton vs Chelsea
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Top Comments
  • +116
What a stressful match! LAMPARD you are simply a LEGEND! THANK YOU!
  • +72
I will not say that Chelsea were lucky because we are always lucky I just don't want to contradict myself. Well done Chelsea.
  • +25
Lampard is a LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[Chelsea, Poland]
Posts: 18 | Comments: 163
What a stressful match! LAMPARD you are simply a LEGEND! THANK YOU
  • +1
[Manchester United, Spain]
Posts: 1 | Comments: 61
lampard is the shining example of a midfielder
  • +1
[Real Madrid, France]
Posts: 61 | Comments: 2467
No, Lampard is a beast.
  • -1
They didn't deserve the win
  • 0
[Chelsea, Russia]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 263
And people say Gerrard is better than Lampard hahah :D dont make me laugh look at the g uy playing few games making outstanding passes and scoring goals
  • +2
[Chelsea, England & Nigeria]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 668
Lampard's still got it. Rafa Benitez is really on top of his game. I like that.
  • -1
Koke (Barca)
Chelshit........ Lucky...
  • -3
torres can't score because they (all the player) want to give lampard score, that's why chelsea can't score more,and they want mr. abramovich give lamps a new contract. for chelsea fans, don't jugde with a performance only. look when lampard who make us fail and he's a slow player rite now. this is what i think.
  • -1
drogba gone-out of champions league lampard goes-relegated
  • 0
Last season Liverpool was the woodwork king . This season is Everton . Merseyside is kinda unlucky .
  • +1
Rating Chelsea lucky is not because they don't deserve the goals, it's because many of Everton's great goals were denied!!
  • 0
Abra Kadabra
LOL scumchester united lost 1:0 in goodison. scumchester is shiet haha, so is shrek and van p.ussy. both loser. like manure fans. they gloryhunting bitchess hahaha..
  • -3
fat frankie lampard
  • -2
Abra Kadabra
f.uck off united faggott hahaha.. shrek and van p.ussy are shiet. they both loser. scumchester united loser 1:0 in goodison hahaha. manure shiet, they loser. sir red nose fergayson also loser, fans of manure gloryhunters haha
  • 0
[Chelsea, England]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 19
Still better than any Arsenal player
  • -1
lamshit better than any Arsenal player? hahaha. Bergkamp was miles better than limpshit
  • +2
[Assyriska FF, Brazil]
Posts: 35 | Comments: 945
Lampard is a legend! Better than Gerrard currently.
  • -1
Posts: 0 | Comments: 13
Lampard >> Gerrard any day !!
  • +6
[Real Madrid, Portugal]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 8
AND CHELSEA STILL DON'T GIVE A VALID CONTRACT TO LAMPARD???? sorry but if Lampard goes chelsea will find a big gap in the midfield.... however i salute this captain
  • 0
[Chelsea, Japan]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 830
Poor Everton and Jelavic...
  • +2
what an exciting match ! everton just didnt had their luck in this match , well played by both team to be honest , this is what we called FOOTBALL ! its just a sport that we enjoyed watching it :D
  • 0
Posts: 0 | Comments: 13
F./uk manure
  • +2
Torres flopped again..
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  • -11
Abramovic is a great owner. Great decision sacking robert di matteo. Like this if you agree.
  • -1
looks like chelsea winning way will be last after this game..lampard out for others club..
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