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Norwich City
3 : 4
Manchester City
  • Game Played on 29th December, 2012
  • Kick Off at 15:12 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:2
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 3:4
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  • Norwich City
  • Goals
  • Pilkington (14')
  • Martin (63')
  • Martin (75')
  • Cards
  • Bassong (43')
  • Johnson (51')
  • Pilkington (84')
    • Manchester City
    • Goals
    • Dzeko (2')
    • Dzeko (5')
    • Agüero (50')
    • Bunn (67')
    • Cards
    • Clichy (18')
    • Nasri (44')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Norwich City vs Manchester City
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      Top Comments
      • +23
      David blue
      [Chelsea FC]
      Man of the match DZEKO
      • +17
      [Manchester City, Germany]
      at least he wasn't diving like half your team (:
      • +8
      [Manchester City, England]
      I don't see why people seem to think that City were lucky in this match in fact we were unlucky in terms of decisions given against us like the Kompany one was never a free kick cause he got the ball and why Nasri got sent off was a joke!!!! But Dzeko was awesome in this match and Aguero should of got more!!! We seems to still over pass it but we got the result that we needed!!! Hope Roberto stands quiet about the ref cause he is in hot water with the FA already!!!!
      All comments
      • 0
      [Man C]
      to many united accout here
      • 0
      [Manchester City, France]
      dzeko is amazing
      • 0
      [Barcelona, Venezuela]
      Nasri never backs down. Basong = fils de pute
      • 0
      m.u nes'ry always on top!!!!!
      • 0
      D Z+E+K+O
      DZEKO should play as always
      • 0
      [Mönchengladbach, ChelseaGermany]
      • +1
      [manchester city]
      ,, fuck busong !!
      • -4
      [Manchester United, England]
      LMAO we re still on top
      • +4
      [Tottenham Hotspur, Jordan]
      In a completely alternate universe QPR are dominating world football and United are battling the drop.
      • 0
      fucking dzeko
      • 0
      hey no swearing ;)
      • 0
      Basong deserved red card aswell , first the foul and he was headbutting nasri aswell
      • +1
      [Manchester United, Portugal]
      Good game!! Well played Dzeko n Yaya Toure!! Two things that I did not understand in the game: why was Nasri given the red card and how can Norwich defender pass the ball to the goalkeeper n he saved it using his hand, isnt that a penalty???
      • 0
      [Arsenal, England]
      WHy didnt tevez play?
      • +7
      [Tottenham Hotspur, Jordan]
      He plays when he wants.
      • 0
      Is it just me, or did all of City's goals come from counter-attacks while all of Norwich's goals came from set pieces?
      • -1
      [Arsenal, ]
      Nasri is a troublemaker. Deserved red card for him.
      • 0
      [Arsenal,South Korea]
      Is It Nasri fault or Bassong fault? o.O
      • +1
      what would have been fergie reaction to the linesman by whom the red card was shown " We will ban him. I will talk to FA and referees association & i swear he won't get any match."
      • 0
      [Manchester United]
      Hard desicions is what makes a man! Mancini proberly just watched and said nothing ---> girl
      • +4
      [Manchester City, Serbia]
      really? lucky? ahahaha, its cool, we love the haters <3
      • -3
      epl defenses are horrible. no wonder why englend got trash by sweden n italy . overrated
      • -1
      [Chelsea, Brazil]
      Man city will get a striker to replace balotelli..who is it going to be?? Villa???
      • 0
      [Barcelona, Iran]
      nasri benches himself for the next game
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