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Valencia vs Real Madrid
Team Performance
Top Comments
ABF1993 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Germany 0 279
Valencia will win.. they said
akashnai90 5 years ago
Real Madrid 0 242
AMAZING 1st half...but very disappointing 2nd half...anyway nice score for us..and it feels so nice to see that CR7 is having a very good start to this new year :)
KING_of_10_TOTTI 5 years ago
AS Roma, Italy 1 37
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marko 5 years ago
shut the fuck up dickhead about go suck that little midgets dick, il make sure you suck mine u prickkk talkin to u pussio JWZ
WolfCFC 5 years ago
This is like playing FIFA with your younger brother! U can't stop making goals!
0Messi0 5 years ago
Barcelona 0 178
Messi > Ronaldo
JWZ 5 years ago
F*ck off, stupid b*tch. Go suck the d*ck of that little migget, f*ucking faggot.
AmnlAshq 5 years ago
Not sure if Real Madrid....or Barca.
richie 5 years ago
fool dont talk shit at blacks,idiot
Football Fan 5 years ago
I would love to see Unai Emery back to Valencia.
MU 5 years ago
anyone realize all 5 goals are on the right side of the GK ? lol..
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jkbh 5 years ago
all black players should be booed off and burn alive if not converted into slaves
Timmy 5 years ago
tell us how you really feel
alex 5 years ago
jkbh, you are an offense to humanity
manualldway 5 years ago
manutdchaaamp 5 years ago
Valencia is such a shiet team nowadays. So stupid
dar10 5 years ago
it can rape manu real would....
michael 5 years ago
ya, valencia from man utd shit too
Boixosnois1981 5 years ago
Barcelona 49 508
És per això que ha de suar cubs per derrotar-los? Thats why they drew you at Old Trafford right you stupid idiot? lolol.
ChelseaForever 5 years ago
Damn!! How bout those amazing passes @ magical assist from OZIL!!!
D-villa 5 years ago
last 15 minutes of 1st half= the most relentless peice of football i've ever seen :o
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BarcelonaFanatic 5 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 0
Still 15 points behind barca.. and messi still 11 goals more then gaynaldo
badboy 5 years ago
go home Gay ass
Liando 5 years ago
stfu whore go fuck yourself
SunOfABeach 5 years ago
Damn, those magic Özil passes are the key for every goal.
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ronaldo 5 years ago
5 points about messi. 1. Midget. thats wat makes him agile but boring to watch cuz its like watching a 5 year old run 2. Ugly (extremely). like muhammad ali said "ugly people can't be champions" 3. Just a barcelona man like ronaldinho use to be. let me see him perform like he does with Argentina 4. people bum suck him right up to his g spot up his ass. thats his motivation cuz goes through orgasm 5. he can never be better than zidane, pele, maradona, r9, ronaldinho and so on...
AKN 5 years ago
You want to see Messi's performance like he does with Barca in Argentina? Firstly, let me see what kind of performance CR7 can do with Portugal..
Aziz 5 years ago
If you like Ronaldo that much. There is no need to hate Messi. Respect every player. Actually, respect every human being. You surely seem to be having problem with that.
godaws123 5 years ago
rubbish! Did you know what you're talking about???
ronaldo 5 years ago
u faggots out there still supporting dis the wanker messi are all looses. the thing dat im gutted bout is dat for some time in fact for quite whilee we havent seen a footballer so complete like ronaldo. the fact dat he showed so much in the last three years wid real and yet he still doesnt get praised, unfairr dats wat it is. why shud i respect someonet dat made a deal with fifa and uefa on winning ballond'or every year which is the little (talkingofmessi) obviously.
Niho 5 years ago
ramin 5 years ago
You lost me at "messi boring to watch"
mmm 5 years ago
i bet di maria can beat ronaldo in pace.
brager 5 years ago
Terek Grozny, Israel 0 24
great result to Real!
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