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Real Madrid
5 : 1
Levante UD
  • Game Played on 6th April, 2013
  • Kick Off at 16:04 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 2:1
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 5:1
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  • Real Madrid
  • Goals
  • Higuain (36')
  • Kaka (39')
  • Ronaldo (84')
  • Özil (87')
  • Özil (90')
  • Cards
  • Ramos (60')
    • Levante UD
    • Goals
    • Michel (31')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Real Madrid vs Levante UD
      Team Performance
      Top Comments
      • +56
      What a bloody strike Higuain!
      • +27
      This. Is. MADRID
      • +18
      Jealouse ?
      Ozil is just a top player. I must really admit that as much as i hate Real madrid for been a Barcelona fan, this team is class !! You have to recognise and appreciate class when you see it . So to this i take my hat off !! RESPECT !!
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      real madrid
      I hate barca just because of a simple fact, i am a real fan. Now i love football, in turms of football i have enourmus respect for barca, Man u, and Bayarn. These teams have class of their own. For those people who hear about the games and never watch and come over and argue, shame on you pathetic losers. Ronaldo and Messi two world class players, unique in their own ways, very important to their teams. Mourinho and Guardiola two different couches, but have class of their own. Mourinho very tactical, Guardiola loves passing game and dominated the world for couple of years. Mourinho is sertaintly the special one, he has shown his class in different countries. Please people do not be ignorent and pay your respect for the individuals with unique talents and to those who earn it.
      • 0
      [Manchester United, England]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 76
      This is Madrids winning team, Mourinho needs to stick to this 1st team choice if he wants to keep on winning.
      • 0
      ozil> kaka=modric
      • -3
      muhammad faizzuddin
      go! barcelona
      • 0
      muhammad faizzuddin
      • +1
      Sweatyyy ho
      Wtf ozil? Y would u sweat that?
      • 0
      If only madrid had made a better start to la ligament. To be a few points behind fine but 13 just doesn't make sense. Anyways hopefully we'll make that up with the CL 
      • 0
      [Manchester United, South Korea]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 178
      Ban Gi Moon! as a head of UN, I hope he brings some peace to football :P
      • +5
      shreyas nair
      i love OZIL.....!!
      • +7
      [Barcelona, Indonesia]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 569
      It's like "YEAAAAAH WE SCORE AGAINST REAL MADRIDDD!!!" then raped.
      • -1
      Sweatyyy ho
      thats what she said
      • +3
      speaking about kaka he's a very sensational player
      • 0
      hala madrid
      • +17
      when messi scores a penalty 90% of the world praise him and say he is the best in the world etc. when Higuain scores an amazing goal like this 5% of the world says it was a good goal, they dont even say he is world class, if messi scored this it would probably be nominated for puskas and everyone would talk about it for years...
      • -1
      Real Putos+CF
      Why the fuckk do you bring Messi to this?? How about you put ronaldo there? well? You don't because you know the SAME SHITT WOULD HAPPEN. Now stfu butthurt madrid fanboy
      • +3
      Real Putos+CF
      and you know something else? Isn't it YOU madrid fans that are always saying "oh benzema so much better than Higuain derp" "higuain leave, we have benzema derp" so please as i said kindly stfu
      • +7
      [Barcelona, Canada]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 59
      Kaka.  The only Madrid player I love.
      • +16
      who cares
      • +2
      ronaldo had assist, now where is every hater of ronaldo? saying ronaldo never assist?
      • -1
      dude ronaldo haters dont hate his football skills, which are great, but they hate his personality(arrogance)
      • 0
      Vladimir Putin
      Why must La Liga teams give up defending last 10 minutes?
      • +18
      Jealouse ?
      Ozil is just a top player. I must really admit that as much as i hate Real madrid for been a Barcelona fan, this team is class !! You have to recognise and appreciate class when you see it . So to this i take my hat off !! RESPECT !!
      • +5
      [Real Madrid, Iraq]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 124
      A true fan of football.. RESPECT
      • +2
      Real Madrid >>> CLASS!
      • +3
      Jealouse ?
      Oh i just love it when KAKA scores !!
      • 0
      BARCELONA 4 - 0 Mallorca  first half
      This comment is disliked by many users (show)
      • -14
      Arsenal> Chelshit, Scumchester United, Real Madshit, Barashitta, Juvenshit, Bayern Mu-shit. These small clubs are nothing compare to Arsenal.
      • +8
      • +2
      talk to our trophies
      • +1
      [Real Madrid]
      Posts: 0 | Comments: 487
      Get good at trolling.
      • +1
      a robber tried to steal from both the arsenal and real madrid trophy rooms, he came out with nothing from both, from arsenal cuz there was nothing, from madrid cuz there was so much he couldnt decide what to take...
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