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Inter Milan
1 : 0
  • Game Played on 21st April, 2013
  • Kick Off at 10:04 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 0:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 1:0
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  • Inter Milan
  • Goals
  • Rocchi (82')
  • Cards
  • Pereira (49')
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  • Parma
  • Cards
  • Valdés (50')
  • Amauri (77')
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • Second yellow resulting in red
  • Goal
  • Goal from penalty
  • Missed penalty
  • Own goal
  • Assist
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Inter Milan vs Parma
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This was Handanović's 300th game in Serie A! Congrats!
  • +4
i swear handanovic is one the most consistent goalkeeper in the Serie A at the moment
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[Inter, Canada]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 194
13 starting players injured unfortunately but a win is a win as long as we can win the next few games and make it to CL (given fiorentina and milan fuck up 2-3 games) that's all that matters
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then go recruit some more south americans moron
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[Real Madrid, South Korea]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 13
Biabany at 1:32. "Why didn't you pass to me???"1:42. "Dat chance to pass to me at 1:32 tho..."
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Parma had great shots.
  • +4
i swear handanovic is one the most consistent goalkeeper in the Serie A at the moment
  • +1
finally a win! I can't believe how good kovačić turned out for the team.. He is our crucial player! Handanovič is also one of our important players and Rocchi showed in the last few games that he is still a fantastic striker with a killing instinct. Forza Inter! :)
  • +3
Grazie Rochi! I can sleep well tonight
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Rocchi is a Legend!
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[Liverpool, England]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 7
This was Handanović's 300th game in Serie A! Congrats!
  • +1
He also performed superbly, as always :)
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[Inter, St. V. and The Grenadines]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 16
And Zanetti's 1100th, becoming the 4th player with most caps of all time!
  • +1
The magnificent Rocchi strikes again! But seriously now, this wasn't really a good game for Inter, i believe they will play better with a full line-up.
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