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2 : 1
  • Game Played on 6th February, 2013
  • Kick Off at 19:02 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 2:1
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  • England
  • Goals
  • Rooney (26')
  • Lampard (60')
    • Brazil
    • Goals
    • Ronaldinho (19')
    • Fred (49')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      England vs Brazil
      Team Performance
      Top Comments
      • +87
      [Chelsea, England]
      Lampard = Legend.
      • +45
      [AS Roma, Italy]
      England has the Best MIDFIELD in the WORLD... no doubt about that
      • +21
      [AS Roma, Italy]
      @Inable369 ... MIDFIELDER = CMF who can both Stop attacks and make attacks Most of the players U mentioned are not CMF ... Iniesta is AMF, Xavi is AMF, ,Silva Is LMF, Javi García is a winger, Cazorla is an OFFENSIVE midfielder U are ARSENAL fan like me we Can see that Obviously Mata is AMF, Fabregas is a CF & Jesus Navas is an OFFENSIVE WINGER ... See most of SPAIN Midfield players are OFFENSIVE and cant Defend as well as ENGLAND's and ITALY's ones ..
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      • 0
      Your Dad
      [Arsenal / Portugal]
      Jack Wilshere > Neymar Jr
      • +1
      I hope Barcelona keep away from Jack Wilshere. Unlike Fabregas, he is an Arsenal DNA. lol
      • 0
      [Barcelona, Spain]
      England = three cat
      • 0
      england is able to win only friendly games ahahahahaha!!
      • +2
      [Chelsea, Brazil]
      I think David Luiz is be better as a Defensive Midfielder than a Center back.
      • +1
      [Chelsea, Japan]
      Even a great Lampard shoot, it was 3 ugly goals... Funny dual between Cahill and David Luiz!
      • 0
      [Inter Milan, Italy]
      Amazing game, but too many defensive mistakes :)
      • 0
      Neymar needs to fix up
      • 0
      neymar is a winger not a striker when will ppl learn
      • +1
      Rooney The BOSS
      [Manchester United,Netherland]
      All the 3 goals were only WOW!!!!!
      • 0
      [man utd]
      Its good to see england working as a team
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      • -8
      [manchester united]
      Rooney and cleverley inspired england to victory :-)
      • +3
      • 0
      YOU ARE A
      CUN7 !
      • +1
      [Chelsea, Indonesia]
      • +1
      need to learn more from me neymar
      • 0
      [Manchester United]
      Hahahah! I'm a fan of Brazil but never understood the hype surrounding Neymar. He won't even hit the heights that Ronaldinho hit.
      • +9
      [Manchester United, Spain]
      ronaldiniho is still a legend RESPECT
      • +7
      [Chelsea, Greece]
      You call this Brazil?!! This is no where near the Brazil we all know about, where's the days when Brazil was SAMBA, where's Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Denilson, Juninho, Kaka, R. Carlos and all who made Brazil the best team in the world!! And people think Neymar is sensational? ....oh dear is all I can say.
      • 0
      Where are all those people you say? They got old and retired.
      • +1
      [Manchester United]
      Say whatever you want, Brazil is still the one and only five time world champion! Even Messi can't help Argentina achieve that feat just watch and see.
      • 0
      its nice game
      • 0
      [manchester united]
      Brazil players need to eat more. Oscar n neymar too thin
      • 0
      [, ]
      so that they can dribble more u fool
      • +1
      [Manchester United]
      Ronaldo did and look what happened, out! Still my favourite all time player though, forget messi and Cristiano, Ronaldo made oliver kahn cry
      • 0
      [Arsenal, ]
      Awesome mid-trio, Wilshere Gerrard Lampard. What a great game this was also.
      • 0
      [Manchester united]
      f*ck head its wilshere Gerrard Cleverly...........lamps is tooo old
      • +8
      [Arsenal, England]
      Great game by Our boy Wilshere!
      • +1
      Wilshere future legend
      • -3
      [Manchester United, ]
      he could be wilshit someday
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