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Tottenham Hotspur
2 : 1
  • Game Played on 14th February, 2013
  • Kick Off at 20:02 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 2:1
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  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Goals
  • Bale (45')
  • Bale (90')
  • Cards
  • Walker (49')
    • Lyon
    • Goals
    • Umtiti (55')
    • Cards
    • Umtiti (20')
    • Fofana (80')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Tottenham Hotspur vs Lyon
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      Top Comments
      • +43
      [Barcelona, Brazil]
      the match was suppose to end as a tie, but since bale is so fast, he changed time and the future!
      • +19
      boobieMan (.)(.)
      1:16 Villas Boas mouse face
      • +14
      Does rooney look like shrek?
      All comments
      • +1
      [Tottenham Hotspur, Jordan]
      sorry french explorers but no territory to take here!
      • 0
      good team...
      • 0
      [Man utd ]
      everyone talks about Bale`s goals, but look closer at 1-1... a fantastic strike!!!!
      • +1
      [Inter Milan, Italy]
      Who's FreeKick was better, Balotelli, or Bale
      • +2
      [Manchester United, Portugal]
      i wish Bale never leaves spurs he is like an iconic symbol there
      • -1
      Is Vertonghen a captain in this match?? anyone knows??
      • -1
      Freaky Stuff
      Gallas i think, might be wrong
      • +2
      [Tottenham Hotspur, England]
      Parker was captain, then Livermore when he went off.
      • +1
      OMG!! BALE
      • 0
      [Valencia, Sweden]
      dat umtitty goal
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      • -10
      [manchester united]
      Bale goals are nothing. The keeper always make move to the other side expecting an in swinger when its just outswinger or straight..when u split secod move in wrong direction, u wont be able to get back to the other side quickly. Bale = overrated!
      • +8
      he fucked man u
      • 0
      [manchester united]
      Chelshit raped by unknown teams
      • +9
      If Bale signed for Man Utd you would be all over him, you egg fried rice muppet.
      • +2
      it's the way the ball dips and moves through the air that makes it so difficult you ignorant fuck
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      • -6
      [manchester united]
      Its jz straight. Ball dip is normal. It shud be easier to catch. And brought down by the gravity..n its slow..if strong it will go straight up to the upper net.. Its all goalkeeper fault. I can save those.
      • +1
      Freaky Stuff
      loool you wouldnt save those free kicks. its all easier said than done.
      • +1
      [USA, Spurs]
      3 WORLD CLASS GOALS!! Better than any UCL goals so far!!
      • 0
      [Arsenal, England]
      Bale last 2 games 4 goals which 3 are free kicks!
      • 0
      [RMCF, MU, Poland]
      Bale - Lyon 2-1
      • 0
      [Manchester United, Portugal]
      you don't say 0.0
      • -1
      [Manchester City, England]
      Bale FC!
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      • -8
      [FC Saverne, England]
      gareth FAIL
      • +5
      HA! look who is talking, lame multi accounting troll.
      • +1
      Bale is in monster form !
      • +8
      [Juventus, Bosnia and Herzegowina]
      What a volley from Umtiti!!!
      • 0
      y was lloris benched?? lyon was his ex team !!
      • +1
      [Manchester United, Netherlands]
      Gareth Bale best free kick's in the BPL (in my opinion.)
      • +1
      [Barcelona, Indonesia]
      I prefer Van Persie, but both are beast
      • 0
      bale is certainly on a scoring spree,two again!
      • +1
      [manchester united ]
      what a goal from Gareth Bale.... that free kick is just top class, and Umtiti goal is amazing. Gareth Bale is just like the next Ronaldo!!
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