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Germany vs Italy
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Top Comments
Wolfie 6 years ago
Inter, Germany 94 1841
Pirlo to win the ballon d'or 2012!!
Barca4Ever 6 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 7 30
same old story for Germnay... strong start, weak finish
Grengro 6 years ago
Real Madrid, Russia 0 0
I like the icon image for this one
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safembrik 1 year ago
Juventus, Indonesia 0 5
Pirlo ........
Antarus 1 year ago
Palestino 0 59
These comments here since 2012...
gggggggggg 1 year ago
Bari, USA U23 0 120
This is the reason why klopp hates Balotelli.
ghenji 1 year ago
Borussia Dortmund 0 792
Old comments , damn Balo is getting back in form.
Liverpool 0 237
cesare prandelli, ah he bring another good thing to world soccer. the way he use pirlo is uniquely satisfying. so sad that he made blunder in final and suarez destroyed his career. hats off
abi 5 years ago
ant got time fo that
keith28120 6 years ago
Chelsea, Ireland 60 177
Baoltelli slow slow slow GOAL 108km
Kevin_MANU 6 years ago
Manchester United 8 19
Balotelli the Boss... he is because he is the first black to play in the Italian Team, and he has done his job in this tournament he took them to the final... He said i did 2 goals when my mom was here on the stadium and in the final i will do goals he said... B\*tch please.
TBricks 1 year ago
0 1

Liverani and Ferrari - both black players for Italy a decade before Balotelli.
Abramowich 6 years ago
balotelli ugly cunt put your top back on.. he think that he is some kind of a gangsta but he is a dickhead
CR7 6 years ago
woaaah balotelli second goal cool finish :D
Insider 6 years ago
Spain leading Italy by 2 goals at half time? Looks like del bosque is playing all his cards correct with the bookies odds! I suspect Spain has bet heavily for oddball scoreline, and true enough they won big via gambling. Playing possum at the beginning stages rolling in the monies and winning huge with huge odds against Spain. All games, Spain wins big in bookies grounds!
mario 6 years ago
guys, stop watching soccer and pay attention: Israel is a violent country and trying to dominate the planet together with USA. The world is being ruined by the extreme love of money. Go out there and fight for the justice in the world. We are under a dictatorship built by banks and money makers who kill people for their profit. Wake up!! Don't waste time with soccer and porn!!
baloteli 6 years ago
go balo u can be the best
joe VILLAGE 6 years ago
Italy should beat Spain tonight and add it to the list of world and european cups this nation has won. In Italy football is more than a sport, it is a religion.
Rui Neves 6 years ago
Well after a 4-0 hammering... I recommend becoming an Atheist the most adequate decision for Italians.
truthteller 6 years ago
@Rui you realize that Italy played 6 awesome matches where they gave everthing and created about a hundred of chances - while spain played only badly, almost refusing to play at all, until they came into the finals? So it's not a wonder that Italy were fatigued and spain was fresh. Not to speak about how they bought the victory against Croatia, where they were allowed an offside goal, while Croatia were denied 2 clear penalties. So you better shut your mouth, thank you.
muhahahaha 6 years ago
i wan to sex italy,ehehehe ahahahah,i suck his cock,so big,yeaa!!!
ArseneG 6 years ago
podolski is no good. :(
dadan 6 years ago
Rvp wasn't good either for netherland, but still he scored 30 goals in the prem.
noname 6 years ago
Manchester City, Germany 0 34
he's no good, i don't see why arsenal is soooo excited to sign him..
alex 6 years ago
Balotelly was nowhere to be found against Spain in the first match. It will be the same today. Even Buffon and Prandelli agree with this. Don't keep your hopes too high today, italians. RESPECT for the bi-champions.
Jeremias9 6 years ago
Chelsea, El Salvador 0 0
now those racist people can keep their mouth shut
aqua 6 years ago
jiij 6 years ago
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